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Speaking of extraordinary yoga mats, a bunch of MIT students created the nerdiest disco version we’ve ever seen, with all the bells and lights and whistles. It’s called the “Glow” and it literally glows with LED lights and speaks to you with automated instructions. Pretty neat and tech-tastic MIT, but frankly we’re disappointed no one’s [...]


The latest in the yogatech invaders! Not doing the pose correctly? Here’s a gentle ZAP to snap you back into place! — could be the wave of the future in yoga if you ask the folks who created Lumo Lift, a new tool designed to track your posture and movement. Based on algorithms and biomechanics, [...]


What do computer science and engineering have to do with yoga? Accessibility, if you ask University of Washington PhD student, Kyle Rector, who developed this “exergame” for people who are blind or have low vision and want to practice yoga. By using the Microsoft Kinect’s Skeletal Tracking, depth cameras and basic geometry, Rector and her fellow [...]


Breaking! Video gamers trade blasting bad guys for virtual yoga class!* Ha, just kidding. Microsoft held a big fancy launch party on Sunday night to kick off, and show off, Kinect, (previously known as Project Natal) and their new Xbox 360 contribution to the fitness gaming world, Kinect Sports (think Wii Fit). As part of [...]


So Deepak Chopra has an iPhone app. Oh wait, this just in… Deepak Chopra has TWO iPhone apps. The beloved teddy bear of alt-medicine’s first foray into the mobile world came last fall with ‘Stress Free’, an app basically reminding you to ‘chill the eff out fool!’ Now with with the help of model/yogi Tara [...]


Hey! We’ve been listed! And who doesn’t like a list? YD pals elephantjournal put together an updated version of the Top Yoga Tweeters list and YD made it! We are humbled and honored. (yayy!) We had our first yogitwit list propped up almost a year ago now, geez, so we’re glad someone decided to give [...]


Uh oh. Have you gotten started on your Sirsasana Challenge yet? Looks like the kids at YogaLocal NYC are way ahead of you! In an effort to be goofy, and to sell their new iPhone app, the YogaLocal team have pulled a Cora Wen, yogaing through the likes of Grand Central Station and sirsa-ing up [...]


that’s parity, as in balance, not parody…what, you didn’t think YD was SAT material? ;) It actually looks pretty neat, even if the video is somewhat of a snoozefest (isn’t the trailer supposed to motivate us to buy?). Used in conjunction with the Wii Balance Board it looks like they provide digi feet on the [...]


We’ve been keeping a steady eye on Nintendo’s latest efforts to keep us cooped up in our homes with nary a reason to see the daylight ever again! Exaggeration? Have you seen the new Wii Yoga they’ve got primed for launch in October? Last month we reported on the fair maiden who will guide us [...]