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Hey friends, this is kind of serious. We, as a people, wear yoga pants just about everywhere these days out of convenience and maximum comfort, but hospitals across the country are sending out a message to all our stretchy-bottomed butts…please do not wear your yoga pants while getting an MRI! Here’s why: The metallic fibers [...]


Wake up to yoga. Literally. A new yoga alarm could change the way we greet the day. Most alarms get a pretty bad rap — it’s their job to be annoying and disruptive — and no matter what beep bop boop or blaring siren you choose, they’re usually met with some form of ughhh. But [...]


A new gadget promises to keep you in a happy breathing place and let you know when you’re not. Developed by 22-year-old mechanical engineer and yoga teacher, Cindy Gu, the device works like a belt wrapped around your abdomen that tracks your breathing patterns thanks to the help of sci-fi, er, technology. Gu originally created the [...]


We’ve all had our wobbly moments at some point—and many of us still do on the regular. That’s why we got a kick out of this Wobble Yoga computer game from Jenny Jiao Hsia, which not only reminds you what it was like to try yoga for the first (or thousandth) time, but also that it’s [...]


Googling yoga poses has likely been a regular practice for a lot of yogis out there, especially for the Sankskrit. How DO you spell utthita hasta padangusthasana? What’s astavakrasana mean, again? But now Google, ever the yoga fans, have done you one better. Now when you search for a pose you get a handy little pop-up [...]


Sometimes we think our yoga pants have a mind of their own, but this is a whole other story. Meet the next innovation in yoga tech – yoga pants that guide your ass-ana. They look like any old fancy yoga pants, but oh no, they are so much fancier. These pants send you “vibrations” to [...]


Sci-fi yoga just got real. While we still await the integration of holograms, this super responsive SmartMat that senses your poses and talks to you from a device (read: if Siri taught yoga) is the next best thing upon this here Yogaship Enterprise. Heck, it’s the next best thing to having a real human friend! [...]


A rug turns into a yoga mat turns back into a rug. Presto change-o, LED-o! Yet another way yoga is integrated with our everyday lives? Tera, an interactive yoga mat/pretty rug is part of a series of “active furniture” created by the award-winning design team of Lunar Europe. When in use, the circular mat, equipped with [...]


Is yoga the key to keeping Silicon Valley sane and on the cutting edge of innovation? A growing number of startups have adopted the practice to relieve stress and boost productivity, and one entrepreneur says it “saved” his career, so…we’re leaning towards yeah, probably.