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When we’re not writing about wacky yoga style mashups or the yoga pants biz, we tend to post a lot about yoga-related scientific studies. And there seems to be a lot more to write about lately, which is a good thing. But it’s not just us, there actually are more scientific studies involving yoga now [...]

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A little bone for the yogis in the age old yoga versus exercise debate? A small new study shows 20 minutes of yoga beats out 20 minutes of aerobic exercise for the old thinking noodle. (That’s your brain!) Researchers at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign studied “The Acute Effects of Yoga on Executive Function“, or as [...]


Yoga, yoga good for your heart, the more you practice the more you…get smart about your health, of course! The first ever yoga study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found yoga to be a safe, effective and relatively cheap therapy for improving the lives of heart patients. The study conducted [...]


Science is a science. Yoga is… A review of more than one hundred studies looking at 16 different different high-quality controlled studies focusing on the effects of yoga on depression, schizophrenia, ADHD, sleep complaints, eating disorders and cognition problems has concluded with positive results. Yay. Yoga gets a lot of hype. Can it live up to it? [...]


Now, we take pride for being total yogadorks here, and sometimes we even find ourselves sitting in a proper geek meditation. But, while many of us are familiar with the effect meditation has on our mood, temper and attitude from our own experience with the practice, do you know what actually happens in the waves of your noggin?


Ah, the sweet smell of burning herbs and sandalwood. It’s how you know the yoga’s nigh. But what if we told you that smoky aroma isn’t helping your pranayama, it may be causing respiratory issues and maybe even cancer? Yikes! We recently spotted this blog post warning us all about the hazards of inhaling the holy smokes that are prominent not just in yoga studios but in other sacred or religious institutions.


“Yoga used as therapy for Fort Gordon soldiers with brain injuries” is the kind of headline that can make our day. In a world where peaceful warrior is still just a nice stretchy yoga pose, we’re happy to see that yoga can still play its role in establishing a state of peace, and in this case rehabilitation.


Finally! Kids yoga has received growing attention lately for the benefits it’s been shown to have on the youngins such as boosted self-esteem, better focus and even improved cognitive skills. And yoga for adults, well we’ve seen the benefits on and off our own mats as well as in scientific journals where studies have explored the positive effects of yoga on pain relief, stress, dis-ease (osteoporosis, stroke, cancer, the list goes on) and yes even your eating and potty habits.


Superbrain yoga, a no-brainer? Suppose there was a yoga that wouldn’t just give you Deepak’s calm, Gaga’s bod or DDP’s pluck, it would actually make you smarter. No, it’s not math! (Though you may want to brush up on the ‘rithmatic from time to time there.) That’s what this technique called Superbrain Yoga promises, in just [...]