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Recession Yoga

When the market plummeted and the Recession struck, many turned to Recession Yoga – paid, by donation or free classes. Yep, yoga! From stressed out stock brokers to the recently unemployed to high-powered CEOs faced with pulling their companies from the brink people turned inward. Oh yes, it was the worst of times, it was [...]

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Karma yoga? According to today’s news more yoga studios are offering free classes to America’s jobless. To the approximately 10% of Americans out of work, most of whom we assume can not afford $10-20 classes every week, this is surely a blessing. Here’s hoping yoga can, at the very least, provide people with the centering and peace of mind needed [...]

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Blame it on levitation! Yoga still surges ahead in the lingering recession. More studios are popping up every day and most are doing well under the pressures of a shallow-pocketed public still scrounging to save money, or in some cases, stay afloat while looking for a job. They may have passed on take out dinners [...]


Neal Pollack is an author, a blogger and a dedicated dad. He’s also a self-proclaimed yogadork. We know, because that was almost the title of his new book, STRETCH: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, due out this fall ’10. With a subtitle like that, and if you’re familiar at all with Neal’s regular [...]


Just as we were promised, lululemon has saved Christmas! Not even the Recession-omics or black market knockoffs can keep these lulubirds down. While everyone from Best Buy to Wal-Mart is beating down your door with drastic price slashes this holiday season, team lulu just flashes their cheery grin and shrugs their little goalsetting shoulders, because [...]

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Have no fear! Were you worried the Recession would never bounce back like your footprints on an extra squooshy yoga mat? Yoga (the practice and the business) has held strong through this saggy economy, which took a face plant over a year ago. But hey, a little goalsetting and profit forecast adjusting later and we’re [...]


Soo how is that yoga job going? ahem. Ya know, it’s funny. We saw this article go up days ago, we knew it was coming too, and still we procrastinate in commenting. It’s been like stretching our psoas after a long day of chair sitting to gather our thoughts. Torturous! Why? Have we said all [...]


In what seems to be the most difficult time for a studio to introduce teacher training, what with the sunken economy and all that licensing beeswax, Pure Yoga turns up its luxurious schnoz at all that and is sallying forth with a brand shiny new teacher training program! Excited? We imagine those of you outside [...]


Oh we may like to gossip about our Hollywood Celebriyogis, but come hither team YD, lend your ear as we impart to you the ushering in of a new era. Indeed, a new breed of yoga superstars is afoot; welcome to Yog-Idol where not all teachers have the right amount of razzle dazzle. Well not [...]