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Is it possible for companies like Yoga Journal to be body positive when they are built on a for-profit corporate model with a legal obligation to sell yoga, often as an elite luxury good?


Need a little post-election pick-me-up? Us, too! The people have spoken, and it has nothing to do with politics—well, not exactly. Last week we asked everyone to help us pick the winner of our YD Halloween Photo Bonanza and we're excited to reveal that the winner is... ::drumroll:: Napoleon VirabaDYNAMITE! #voteforpedro The winner will receive [...]


This week was a particularly challenging week for many Americans, and yoga teachers were no exception. The 2016 Election brought no shortage of anxiety to the electorate and a divided nation remains in the wake of one of the most tumultuous campaign seasons of all time.

Deathly Hallows Yoga | image via @isabelb12om

Yep. Add it to the growing list of themed-yoga classes, Harry Potter is just another distraction. Students show up at a brewery (another hot trend) decked out in HP gear, are treated to a reading of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and are given a magic wand. Like we said, just anoth....WAIT...a MAGIC WAND?? [...]


If you caught the Bikram Choudhury segment on last Tuesday night's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, we're very sorry. Because perhaps you went through the same roller coaster of emotions we did sitting through the 20 minutes that felt more like a year, stuck in 105 degree heat, with no water and no exit. Real Sports [...]


It's time for our annual YogaDork Halloween photo bonanza! Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Send us your yoga-related photo and enter to win a Limited Edition Yoga Things tank top or tee! Ways to enter:  - Post your photo to social media and tag us (on facebook, twitter: @yogadork, or instagram: @therealyogadork) OR - Email [...]

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There are few things more infuriating than telling a woman what she should and shouldn't wear. Telling her she's "bizarre" or "disturbing" for publicly wearing yoga pants—god's gift to everyday lower extremity comfort—is literally opening the floodgates for hell's fury. When 63-year-old Rhode Island man Alan Sorrentino sent in a letter to his local paper (who [...]

image via HBO Real Sports

Bikram Choudhury gets the Bryant Gumbel treatment on the October 25 episode of HBO's Real Sports. And if you thought he said outrageous things before, this is a whole new level for the shockingly outspoken yogapreneur. In the segment, Real Sports correspondent Andrea Kremer goes to India to question Choudhury on the multiple claims of sexual [...]


In the event you're not participating in mindful debate watching *gasp* or getting in some tilt-your-glass-asana (drinking games are BIG this election season) you can try your luck practicing what the Wall Street Journal suggests: debate yoga. Yes, that's Wall Street Journal recommending yoga for your debate-watching sanity. In case you can stomach even watching [...]