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Meditations on Mutations

Some people hate yoga. Some people hate it so much they need to do it in the back of a bar against the soundtrack of death metal music and devil horns in order to enjoy it. For the author of this piece about Metal Yoga, that hatred ran deep, and the cure was just a [...]


It looks like silent yoga. It sounds like silent yoga. But it’s really all in your head. Sound Off Yoga, the latest attraction in the ever-growing landscape of frankenyoga, is actually an event involving music played by live DJs just like your average yoga party the kids have these days, but the tunes aren’t pumped through [...]


Silent music to your ears? The Gods of yoga and opera have joined together for a match made in “an inner journey of mindfulness, with periods of meditation, rest, communal eating and a gentle yoga session” heaven. As part of the four-hour long performance (note: that’s really long, even for an opera) audience members will be [...]


It’s 6 a.m., you’re up and ready to sweat. You grab your animal costume, your LED disco yoga mat and you’re off to Brooklyn’s own massive sober rave dance party where smoothies, yoga and voguing are your drugs of choice. Sounds like our usual morning! No this is not the next incarnation of Wanderlust, though [...]


Emoga=Yoga+Emojis. If you didn’t think yoga has already jumped the metaphorical shark with its trendy combos, then wait til you hear the latest tech-savvy mashup. Welcome to Emoga, where yoga classes and poses are dictated by the little emoticons aka emojis on your smartphone. We know! You’re all like  :roll: 8-O :evil: We’re not joking [...]


It’s summer, it’s hot out and you’re craving a cold one. But FIRST, yoga. THEN beer. There’s a class for that™ – our new catchphrase for all the crazy yoga+ everything-you-could-ever-think-of combos springing up all over the place. For instance, when you want beer AND yoga, just go to a brewery! Yoga, it’s not just [...]


D&D Yoga: only a matter of time after Star Wars Yoga? You bet your cute little dragonassana. For the uninitiated, Dungeons & Dragons is a fantasy role-playing board game you play in your basement with a 10-sided die and a bunch of your nerdy friends banning together to swing imaginary battles axes to stop the forces of [...]


To say it’s a growing trend might be just a stretch, but this new Voga thing clearly has its appeal: Yoga+Vogueing? Because, why not? Those two words just work so well together. And all that posing. Please, you know Madonna is retroactively kicking herself in the cone-shaped boob for not making it a thing herself.


You made me a…shadooooowboxer yogi. When it comes to what seems to be a never ending stream of yogamalgamations, boxing doesn’t really rank high on the list as most malleably harmonizing. But, hey, with yoga’s growing ubiquity at fitness centers and gyms across the country and George Foreman III’s apparent affinity for the practice (or its [...]

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