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Kids Yoga

“OOHHH YEAHH! Booyah! Bing bing bing!” might be our favorite answer ever to the question, “Are you ready to try yoga?” These kids trying yoga for the first time is probably a lot like your first time trying yoga: hilarious, awkward, and at times downright outrageous. You want me to put what where? AND breathe? Except [...]


The yoga program that sparked major controversy in Encinitas not too long ago has expanded to even more schools in San Diego and now New York City. Remember the huge lawsuit? Ultimately, concerned parents were unsuccessful in proving yoga was inherently religious and the program was able to carry on in the Encinitas Union School [...]


Baby yoga. We’re pretty sure we’re all clear that it’s not the infant-twirling, joint-yanking monkey business that was made famous by this video (watch at your own peril). No, real baby yoga is WAY more adorable, as evidenced by this very official ABC News report. Baby yoga provides community, while getting in a little stretch [...]


Yoga and religion on trial, oh my. The recap from the Encinitas yoga trial that began earlier this week comes courtesy of U-T San Diego writer Logan Jenkins and only confirms our deepest fears: we may all be bald from tearing our hair out by the end of it, IF it ever ends. So far, [...]


Sure, infographics tend to simplify things, that’s part of their appeal. We like this one about meditation and education because we keep reading and hearing about how meditation and yoga have helped kids do better in school, and in life. This just illustrates that! Click to enlarge. Infographic: Maili Holiman via edutopia.org —— Earlier… Study: Meditation [...]


The battle over free yoga taught in an Encinitas school district just went from ugly threat to uglier lawsuit. If you’ve been following along you know that a small group of conservative parents with evangelical Christian roots were up in arms over a twice-weekly taught yoga class at the ironically named Encinitas Union School District [...]


Chairs? Who needs them? Especially not elementary kids who dance an ode to the fidget fairy in their seat all day at school. No problem, say teachers at Westtown-Thornbury Elementary School in Pennsylvania who found that students sitting on yoga balls instead of the traditional butt-numbing contraptions they call desk chairs were “better able to focus [...]