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(Hint: There’s no easy answer.) Last weekend began the first segment of a teacher training I’ve been co-teaching for the past three years. It’s always fun to meet the new trainees and to hear inspiring stories about how Yoga practice has changed their lives.


As a yoga teacher, I get lots of questions about the alignment of poses. Should I throw my head back in upward facing dog? Should I reach for my feet in a seated forward fold? Should I squeeze my quads and lift my kneecaps in tadasana? My best answer to questions like these is usually it depends on your approach to your practice. From my perspective, there are two versions of nearly every yoga pose: the traditional version and the biomechanically-updated one.


by Caren Rabbino Matthew Sanford believes what he feels. Doctors, and the others involved in his rehabilitation from a car accident, didn’t. They insisted that a paraplegic, paralyzed from the chest down, couldn’t feel the sensations he was reporting. He was 13 and fighting for his life and the people entrusted with his care weren’t [...]


We have reached the age of yoga teacher training online deals and we’re not sure we like it. Skimming through a pile of emails thick with holiday sales and promotions, this popped out at us, alongside the drag show and dinner for two and above the 20 units of botox offer, a deal for 50 [...]


These are interesting times for yoga. For instance, for the first time ever, a major American university is offering a master’s degree in Yoga Studies. And the Yoga Alliance, essentially an online directory, is starting to make some real moves in a potentially positive, somewhat corporate-y direction, even speaking out in the public forum in [...]


  by Gina de la Chesnaye (Please see updates below) On Monday September 22nd, Yoga for New York met at Yoga Union to discuss a range of topics, most notably Yoga Alliance’s new listing requirements for studios that offer Teacher Training. Participating in the discussion, to the relief and delight of many, was Richard Karpel, the president and CEO of Yoga Alliance (YA). [...]


You love yoga. Like, really love it. Enough to teach it, even. So you do your yoga teacher training, 200 hrs or what have you, and boom! you’re a yoga teacher! Isn’t it that easy? For the rare lucky and naturally gifted souls, maybe so, but for others, calling yourself a yoga teacher and even [...]


The following is an excerpt from Teaching People, Not Poses: 12 Principles for Teaching Yoga With Integrity by Jay Fields. Stay tuned for the giveaway! 2. Practice. You gotta’ practice. Period. That’s kinda it. But I’ll expound a bit. I remember a few years ago going to a class with a teacher I had never met. [...]


by J. Brown Since its inception in 1999, the Yoga Alliance has developed a deservedly bad reputation for collecting millions of dollars from the yoga community without providing any real service in return. However, a new president and CEO has taken over and the time may have come for yoga teachers and schools to rethink [...]