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Oh, deer. Athleta is in trouble for allegedly ripping off someone else’s yoga pants design. K-Deer is a NJ-based activewear company run by owner and founder Kristine Deer. She is not on the design team at Athleta but somehow almost her exact designs ended up on the Athleta website in late December. Apparently, Deer noticed [...]


Sometimes we think our yoga pants have a mind of their own, but this is a whole other story. Meet the next innovation in yoga tech – yoga pants that guide your ass-ana. They look like any old fancy yoga pants, but oh no, they are so much fancier. These pants send you “vibrations” to [...]


Yoga pants ban? Nevah! Ever since yoga pants became an utterly ubiquitous staple in every female’s wardrobe, especially teenagers, school administrators have been wringing their hands over the tight pants dilemma, and many have actually been moved to ban them. The yoga pants bans, however, often have little support and barely any founding – the [...]


In an effort to remove all obstacles to create a Hindu deity-free marketplace, Amazon is the next to pull Ganesha clothing off its virtual shelves. This time the culprit resides in the print of yoga pants, and the instigator of the complaint, none other than Rajan Zed, the president of the Universal Society of Hinduism, [...]


So you want to wear yoga pants to work but they just aren’t classy and/or boring workplace-y enough? Do you wear yoga pants to the office anyway and ignore the sideways glances and requests from HR to stop wearing neon tie-dye and taking up so much space in the elevator doing your Warrior poses? This [...]


Yoga Fashion: oxymoron? Nah, not in this day and age of publicly traded yoga-inspired street-to-class-to-brunch sweat-wickery that is sometimes see-through, and these. Naturally, with the wave of trendy yoga clothes for a practice that, ironically, should be less about how you look and especially less about what (or who) you’re wearing, there comes the backlash. [...]


A fashion show runway, not the first place that comes to mind when you think of yoga. Or even yoga fashion. But leave it to the creative and technicolored mind of veteran designer Betsey Johnson to bring a wild and wacky yoga spectacle to New York Fashion Week. Debuting her new “active wear” fall line entitled [...]