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Not too long ago, Kausthub Desikachar, son of T.K.V. Desikachar, grandson of Sri T. Krishnamacharya, was formally accused of abuse of power, sexual harassment and systematically intimidating five of his students, allegations which were backed by fellow practitioners as well as well-respected KYM teachers. An official announcement from the Krishnamacharya Healing and Yoga Foundation arrived via email September 22, [...]


Lady loses her top to prove her point. Yogis lose their patience. Who comes out on top on the topless issue?

Topless activist Moira Johnston can be seen strolling the streets of the East Village or perusing the veggies at Union Square’s Green Market completely topless. No it is not a crime.


Most American yoga studios offer donation classes, either as an ongoing method of giving back to the community or as an event-specific relief effort. There’s no doubt that it’s a wonderful practice; giving away instruction and giving away money are both laudable, valuable gestures. It was in light of this established standard that the idea [...]


We’ve drawn some heat over coverage of the Graspin’ Aspen Yoga teacher scandal – as if this isn’t an incredibly important topic that yogadorks great and small should be aware of and feel open to discuss. This is the world we live in! And for the record, we do not wish ill to the accused [...]


[Because It’s Monday!] Yoga Teacher FAIL? Yikes! Um…we’re kinda speechless about this one. A keen-eyed tipster tipped us off to this rather, uh, gripping snapshot from the ridiculously popular cheezburger failblog. And we’re fairly certain this is the late Pattabhi Jois, anyone confirm? Obviously we know (can assume?) nothing scandalous is going on here. Butt…*cringe* [...]


A gimmick? a trend? A Movement? Oh Nudieness is growing all right..(esp in SF) did you know about Skinbook? It’s a whole social-networking site specifically for nudists! Sure with all this jib jabbing about who’s wearing what to yoga class and the cost of making your tush look firm, it does kinda make you want [...]


Ahoy! More controversy surrounding ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ film! OK there wasn’t really much controversy before per se, unless you want to count the crime of we yogadorks not making it down to the east village to gawk at moviestars. (thank goodness there are pics). So what’s the problem? It all comes down to the Ashram, [...]


Uht oh, we smell trouble. Some of you may recall the sleaziest, and let’s face it, one of the dimmest of yogs we’ve seen, Mr. Ogden: the Inappropriate Yoga Guy. He was an internet sensation on the youtube, and Yoga Journal snapped him up to be “guest editor” in their humorous online video series, which [...]


Well this is off-beat news for a Thursday and actually quite appropriate for the week we’ve had here. You feel a draft? Mohd Abdullah is a 48-year-old university level computer science teacher in Kamaloops, BC Canada. He’s also been a pilates and yoga instructor at a nearby fitness center for the past year, which was [...]