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Cats are fascinating and fickle creatures. They’re also adorable and hilarious. Are they yogis? You decide! Along with cat cafes, kitty yoga has become a recent popular trend as a way for shelter cats to interact with humans and potentially find their forever homes from Vancouver to NYC. But much like cats in general, there’s [...]


What do you say, new addition to your fall fashion wardrobe? WANT! We found these down dogging kitty cat heels the only way one discovers hidden gems of interest and bizarrity, by randomly surfing the interwebs. The kitties are stretching and your toes and squooshing. Oh, the irony!   The purrrfectly named Miao 2010 were [...]


When it comes to humans vs dogs in yoga, we’re pretty sure dogs will always win by default (and for cuteness!). As evidenced by this master yogi pup who’s all like, “Do like this! Easy! No, no. Like this!” Adorbs. [Huffington Post] —— Earlier… Chihuahua Yoga Cuteness The Goat and the Yoga Ball, An Adorable [...]


Yoga balls, do any yogis out there use them? In this case, it doesn’t really matter. This happy little goat is so adorable playing and frolicking with their yoga ball we’re in no position to argue. Enjoy! —— Earlier… Chihuahua Yoga Cuteness Yoga for People Who Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed How-to: Partner [...]


This Italian man (yoga teacher?) is trying to teach his Chihuahua puppy some yoga and we invite to watch the adorableness that ensues. Sure, there’s probably a tasty treat involved off camera, but it’s about the journey, not the reward. Besides, we would be doing you a great disservice by the laws of internet cuteness [...]


And then there are some days like this. Practice, practice, practice! —— Earlier… How-to: Partner Yoga with Your Cats Guinea Pig Yoga Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Loves Your Yoga Pants Style Good Morning! Yoga for Coffee Lovers


Yoga with your cats?! How could we not share? Our favorite is Purrior II to Reverse Purrior. Cute! Though we don’t recommend you try this at home unless you want kitty to help you locate aka scratch your third eye. Rowwwwhhrrr. Meoooowwwooohhhm. —— Earlier… Cat Yoga With the Internet’s Feline Expert – Video Cutest Pic of [...]


For when yoga makes you feel like a guinea pig! (Or you want to smile at the utter adorableness of guinea pigs doing yoga.) Adorable illustrations by Leslie DeSantis. Find them at her etsy shop When Guinea Pigs Fly. —— Earlier… Hey Girl, Ryan Gosling Loves Your Yoga Pants Style Cute Meditation Music Video Yoga [...]


Ryan Gosling continues his campaign for Mr. Yoga McDreamy Pants. As if to say, Hey girl, don’t you worry about what anyone else thinks, if you like to wear yoga pants all day, to yoga class, to run errands, to the spa with me later because you deserve it baby, that is your right to [...]