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Comedian Chris Rock is a busy guy. Between acting, screenwriting, directing his newly released film "Top Five," how does this guy do it all? We can't tell you, but we do know how he keeps his striking good looks thanks to fellow ac-TOR Zach Braff. According to an exchange between the two on Twitter, it's [...]

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In their first-ever joint interview, Jaden and Willow, the adorable spawn of Will and Jada Pinkett Smith, take us down the rabbit hole of human consciousness maybe only a handful of us earthlings will ever have the pleasure of fully understanding. Meditation, prana and duality are just a few of the subjects tackled by these Hollywood [...]


And now everything you see on Instagram is yoga! Case in point: here are the adorbs newlywed Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo enjoying some newlywed shenanigans or whatever the kids do these days. Though no yoga is mentioned by photo poster Prinsloo who shared the pic on her Instagram, US Weekly picked it up with the headline, "Adam [...]


James Spader, a yoga teacher? Well, he gave it his best shot. When the "Blacklist" actor was just a young buck trying to make it in the big city he took a job as a hack yoga instructor to make some extra dough. But he pretty much knew absolutely nothing about yoga. As he told [...]

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There was once a time when Lindsay Lohan was rumored to become a yoga teacher. Alas, this turned out to be false...or did it? For those familiar with Ms. Lohan and her troubles with the law, drugs, alcohol, addiction, not showing up for acting gigs and being an all-around living (almost) worst case scenario for [...]

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Johnny Mathis is not just the guy you hear on late night infomercials for music anthologies of yesteryear, though he IS releasing a new box set of songs. Sure, your parents, or maybe even grandparents (what year is this?) will talk of him fondly, but truly this guy is a classic American singer, well-known for [...]


Here's a rare photo of Joan Rivers practicing yoga (meditation?) from Punta Mita, Mexico where she and her daughter Melissa spent time over the holidays in 2011. The mother and daughter duo shared photos on twitter and facebook of their vacation spent hanging out on the coast and apparently squeezing in a little time for yoga. We [...]

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We just heard about the death of Oscar-winning comedian Robin Williams and just can't believe it. He was 63, and died earlier today of an apparent suicide, according to reports. It's very sad and shocking news for most of us who knew Williams as the super exuberant and hilariously funny actor who never failed to [...]


Singer Kelly Rowland has kept her pregnancy fairly quiet and MAYBE that's because she's been meditating through most of it! OK, not exactly, but she is definitely enjoying some prenatal yoga and meditation, posting this lovely me-time photo on her facebook and instagram just under a month ago. According to Celeb Baby Watch aka People [...]


Ellie Goulding is not about to let a busy performance schedule (said in the English way: shed-yule) get in the way of her yoga. The British pop singer-songwriter takes her mind-body fitness routine seriously, and daily. "My training is part of my life. It's something I need to do every day, because it affects my mood, my [...]


Judging by the characters she's played (see "The Sopranos" and "Nurse Jackie"), meditation might be the last thing one would relate to Edie Falco.


How to get actress Jennifer Lawrence to be as graceful and fluid as Mystique? Why, yoga, of course. JLaw may be America's favorite foul-mouthed sweetheart, but we know (from her many, many trips and spills) that sisterwoman is not known for her graceful moves.


Is Jared Leto wearing zebra yoga pants in this pic he posted on Instagram yesterday? We'd like to think so. The Oscar-winning actor and everyone's forever-young Jordan Catalano boyfriend is a self-professed yoga fan and a longtime vegan. He credits his healthy lifestyle for his youthful looks and vitality. "I'm pretty healthy so I think [...]

Lady Gaga spotted wearing a pink coat while arriving at The Yoga Spot in New York City

We know, Lady Gaga. Sister's a piece of work. The Lady of Gag was spotted the other day in NYC heading to yoga wearing this interesting outfit. A fuzzy pink robe and a face mask to yoga? Well, when she's not wearing this funky getup, or her underwear, or you know, nothing.  But, hey, we have [...]