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Is Jared Leto wearing zebra yoga pants in this pic he posted on Instagram yesterday? We'd like to think so. The Oscar-winning actor and everyone's forever-young Jordan Catalano boyfriend is a self-professed yoga fan and a longtime vegan. He credits his healthy lifestyle for his youthful looks and vitality. "I'm pretty healthy so I think [...]

Lady Gaga spotted wearing a pink coat while arriving at The Yoga Spot in New York City

We know, Lady Gaga. Sister's a piece of work. The Lady of Gag was spotted the other day in NYC heading to yoga wearing this interesting outfit. A fuzzy pink robe and a face mask to yoga? Well, when she's not wearing this funky getup, or her underwear, or you know, nothing.  But, hey, we have [...]

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And then there was that time Justin Timberlake did yoga on a boat in Barbados. Sure he's got the European leg of his 20/20 Experience World Tour right around the corner, but isn't that all the more reason to hang out on the open seas, do some water skiing and take in a little sun [...]


Yoga, good for everyone, yeah? Even classic storybook villains, you might say. But ask Angelina Jolie and she will tell you it was NOT her idea to get on the mat in preparation for her title role as the evil Maleficent in the upcoming new Disney flick. In fact, Jolie says she was made to [...]


We have Star Wars Yoga and Dungeons & Dragons Yoga, should we be expecting a Harry Potter Yoga (HPY) in our near future? Hermione fans rejoice! Perhaps it's unfair to put that kind of premature pressure on the lovely and scholarly British actress Emma Watson working hard to finish her degree in English Literature, but [...]

Kate Beckinsale Yoga Fundraiser Benefiting The Margie Petersen Breast Center At Saint John's

The day before Valentine's, your favorite British mat-toting healthy lifestyle crusader Kate Beckinsale hosted a yoga fundraiser to benefit the new yoga program at the Margie Petersen Breast Center at Saint John's Health Center in LA. To lend a hand and participate in the yoga sesh was none other than pop star silk-dangler Pink. Apparently [...]


We've been silently, and not so silently, delighting in glee over our new twitter follower, Ashley Judd(!). Sure, she's a beautiful and successful movie star, which is cool, but she's also an inspiring activist and humanitarian who's done great work all over the world to prevent AIDS, promote the end of genocide and crimes against [...]


Because doggone it, it's so stinking adorable. Gisele Bündchen shares a yoga moment with her little 11-month-old daughter Vivian this past Saturday, then shares it with the world on Instagram. And the parents of the internets smile and respond in a collective AWWWWWW. "Thank you auntie Fafi for capturing this special moment," the supermodel and avid [...]


Everyone's favorite British pop star and  Taylor Swift Ex , Harry Styles, has started practicing yoga despite his doctor's advice to take up ballet. That rebellious rapscallion! We're not sure why ballet would be an option for a back problem, but we're glad the 19-year-old One Direction star took upon himself to write his own [...]

Julianne Moore yoga

At 52 years young, Julianne Moore is a timeless, ageless actress who loves yoga and makes us get all squeally fangirl whenever we read more evidence of her awesomeness. In promotion of the upcoming film remake of "Carrie" in which she plays the kooky Carrie mom, Moore talked to Health magazine about subjects completely unrelated [...]