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Business of Yoga

Judith Hanson Lasater

It's a crazy time of year, which is why we're happy (somewhat relieved, even!) to share this interview with Judith Hanson Lasater from Yoga U Online who will be hosting her free holiday talk coming up on Monday, December 15th covering "Yoga Past, Present, Future - Challenges and Opportunities." The face of yoga is changing [...]

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We advise you to grab a seat, grab a screen and watch this right now. "Who Owns Yoga?" is a documentary from Al Jazeera English Reporter Bhanu Bhatnagar and, though not super in-depth, in its short 50 minutes it covers so much ground about the issues and challenges of modern yoga's growing pains  - commercialization, corporatization, [...]


Hot off the Buffalo bungle and Dalai Lama fiasco, Lululemon is now making waves in Baltimore. As the City Paper reports, some people in B-more are not happy with the new collaboration between one Lulu location and local artist Michael Owen, though they claim it is a "match made in heaven" because both "deserve each [...]

The Dalai Lama with Lululemon CEO

Just a few weeks ago the Dalai Lama Center and Lululemon rocked the proverbial internet airwaves when they surprise announced their new partnership. Fandom (of either party) aside, the news caused a collective flipping of lids as people tried to make sense of the collaboration with many left wondering, Is Lululemon turning over a new [...]


by J. Brown News that the saving grace CEO of the Yoga Alliance, Richard Karpel, is leaving after only two years was met with little more than a collective: “whatever.” But to anyone who wants to see the reformation that Karpel ushered in continue, his departure is both surprising and concerning. The reason for Karpel’s [...]


The Dalai Lama aligning with yoga might not be too shocking, but teaming up with Lululemon? We're not making this up and it's not April. Lululemon and the Dalai Lama Center for Peace and Education are partnering to “promote mindfulness...to foster heart-mind wellbeing in children and youth.” Heart-mind well-being refers to "creating a balance between educating the mind and educating [...]

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At least we didn't say circus, right? Right. An article from today's Washington Post sheds light on the increasingly gimmicky and bells and tassles and whistles and feathers-laden the yoga world has become - essentially a carnival. Without necessarily deciding if this is an inherently "good" or "bad" thing it's rather fascinating to observe what [...]


New York yoga studios are facing a crucial question that could make or break their business: are yoga teachers employees or independent contractors? This has been a hot topic not only recently, but drawn out over the past few years, stemming back to the tax audits which took place in 2011 and 2012. At the [...]

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Lululemonville has been relatively quiet lately, after surviving a whole mess of troubles over see-through pants, questionable marketing tactics and Chip Wilson-isms. But lest we forget how individual stores themselves seem to get into their own embarrassing jams, this Buffalo faux pas is here to remind us. Employees at the Buffalo Lululemon store have been forced [...]


Earlier this week Yoga Alliance quietly announced in an email to its members that Richard Karpel, President of Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Registry, will be stepping down later this year. This is somewhat unnerving and unfortunate news. Some may remember Karpel joined the organization as president in 2012 and basically saved YA from [...]


It seems Yoga Journal has been going through a rather interesting transformation lately. Ever since the new Editor-in-Chief, Carin Gorrell, stepped in from SELF Magazine to take over for Kaitlin Quistgaard last fall, there have been big changes at the bendy lady. For one, they recently moved their longstanding offices from the yoga-friendly hippie town of [...]


Well he's not totally out and he's not buying the whole company back, instead Chip Wilson is selling 50 percent of his 27 percent stake in Lululemon to a private equity firm for a sweet $845 million. We're thinking that's at least a few pairs of yoga pants, a new publicity coach to prevent further snafus [...]


There's more trouble in lululand and founder Chip Wilson is the crouching tiger, hidden dragon poised to reel it back in. He's not happy with how things are going (and, frankly, neither are shareholders) so he's hired investment bank Goldman Sachs to strategize on how to reclaim control. The options are: make a deal with [...]

Free yoga in Bryant Park, NYC.

While the commodification of yoga has long been a controversial topic, the monetization of it remains a bone of contention and frustration. Practitioners don't want to (or don't have the means to) pay a lot to practice it, but teachers want to get paid a living wage for teaching it and facilitators for facilitating it. [...]