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Because It’s…

Oh yes! Because it’s Friday, because it’s April 1st, because it’s SNOWING in NYC, and because maybe we could all use a little down dog with a paper towel tube! Presenting your 3 minutes of the most wonderfully fluffy kitty yoga diversion. Enjoy! Love, YD Major props to the production crew :) —— Earlier… Cutest [...]


Uh oh. Remember Ogden the Inappropriate Yoga Guy? He’s not having a hard time reminding you. The inappropriate one is back with a ditzy diddy entitled video “Fit ‘N Ass.” Not exactly his funniest nor most solid work, but somehow those shiny blue spandex shorts never get old. What’s your take? Funny or flop? Here [...]


Psst. It’s International Womens Day. Honor the women in your life. (if you’re a woman, count yourself in that, too) Samasthiti JAMES BOND SUPPORTS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY 2011 www.weareequals.org / www.weareequals.org/blog The two-minute short, specially commissioned for International Women’s Day, sees 007 star Daniel Craig undergo a dramatic makeover as he puts himself, quite literally, [...]

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Because it’s Monday! This pup is up to get down dog. er, something…what’s your caption? [via icanhascheezburger of course] —— Earlier… Kitty Tested, Science Approved: Cats Relax (Even More) With Yoga Meditation Music The Anti-Yoga Kitty Makes Us Feel OK More where that came from, continue reading posts on Cat Yoga Yoga with Horses! The [...]


Because it’s Monday! It’s Lady Gaga! The whiskey-sippin’ yoga-toxin’ pop star in her new video for “Born This Way” just released from the loins of…outer space? Yes, born this way she is, practically in her birthday suit. Not sure why she has to be mostly naked to let her lotus unfurl, but when you yoga [...]


Fun! If you’re like us and can’t get enough of this new Radiohead song, you’re going to love a Yogi’s take on Thom Yorke’s shaktitastic dance moves. While we anxiously await all the sure to be hilarious parodies, spoofs, personal renditions and over the top mash-ups to flood the interwebs, we can enjoy Adnan Iftekhar [...]


Well hello there, Happy Friday! Radiohead have dropped their new album The King of Limbs on us a day early and we are treated to the first video for “Lotus Flower” where Thom Yorke is a dancing fool! Rejoice! Kings of limbs indeed. Some are saying this is Thom on a yoga high! Ha. Is [...]


Where’s the love? It’s right here. Enjoy this beautiful video of NY yogis, young and old, big and small practicing together – the heart and prana of NYC. “Yogis gather together in NYC with the collective intention of creating more peace and happiness in the world. May it inspire everyone to try yoga. Lokah Samasta [...]


It’s Exorcist Yoga! Because we just know whenever you watch a scary movie you’re thinking, “Hot damn! If only I could be as flexible as that possessed Satanic monster!” Right? It’s really impressive! Which is why we’re so excited to have come across this freakishly like-minded photo illustration from deathandtaxesmag.com, in review of just how [...]