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Because It’s…

File in ‘Things We Love.’ A video by filmmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis.

But lonely is a freedom that breathes easy and weightless and lonely is healing if you make it.


Happy Halloween! In the spirit of all-hallows-eve and knowing your bones, here are some spooky and/or rather awesome skeleton yogis via Heavy Metal Yogi. Can you name the poses and bony landmarks? —— Earlier… Metal Yoga: Megadeth Frontman Dave Mustaine Shreds the Yoga Mat Hardcore Know Your Anatomy? 6 Experts Weigh In On the Yoga [...]


Because it’s Thursday… Your dose of yoga cuteness: Yoga Kitty Teaches Us Salamba Sirsasana II The latest in Animals Doing Yoga FTW. —— Earlier… This Yogi Bear Will Totally Out-Pose You (photos) Cutest Downward-Facing Cat Ever (video) Adorable Kitty Yoga (video) Kitty Tested, Science Approved: Cats Relax (Even More) With Yoga Meditation Music Swami Beyondananda: [...]


“Life is like photography. You use the negative to develop.” —Swami Beyondananda. A good friend of ours posted this quote on his facebook page recently. What a lovely sentiment! But, Swami Beyond-ananda? Our pal is a bright, positive soul, and a newbie yogi so we figured, hey he must be doing his research and found [...]


Because It’s Monday… Who says there isn’t karma yoga in household pets? Why here’s a perfect example of a sweet dog offering a kindhearted gesture to a kitty on a scooter in need. Prime, prime example. We can get supremely dorky here and describe how this is a metaphor for our efforts in life. On [...]

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YogaTuning: Wherein the genius of passionate songwriting meets the sanctum of our yoga mats. Om Nama Madonna. —— Vogueing the Yoga “Strike a Pose, There’s Nothing To It” If we can learn anything from 9-yr-old Robert Jeffrey it’s certainly that! I performed to MADONNA’s “VOGUE” in the Summer of 1991 when my parents took me [...]


Oh my. It’s citta vritti gone wild! It’s the fluctuations of your mind represented by a bunch of “reckless assholes” at a single intersection of New York City. Whether you live in the big apple or not, it’s difficult to fully appreciate and comprehend the daily dance that is the flow of traffic in NYC [...]

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Add this to the WTF We Love This And Can’t Explain Why pile. Watch this most oddly entertaining 1:15 minutes of your day. They’ve got some moves! Including high fashion padmasana and paschima namaskarasana. Is that prasarita pado? “fashion is always uncomfortable when you get comfortable you never get the look” Oh wise sages of [...]


Cuteness! Time for yoga, but you’ve got the kids? Everyone yoga! This video of Elena Brower and Ally Hamilton with their little ones is pretty adorable whether you have yogamunchkins or not. Has even we as-of-yet  spawnless yogis getting misty-eyed. Love to yoga mommas. [YogaEarth via MindBodyGreen] The Elena clip is taken from an earlier [...]