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This post is part of our YogaDork State of the Union series sharing reflections on 2014 and holding intentions and predictions for 2015. by Jill Miller Ah, you can smell the 2015 in the air. Especially if you are doing alternate nostril breathing. But before I jump silently into the year, I’d like to take a look [...]


Here's Johnny Depp all dressed up and in practically unrecognizable makeup for his role in Kevin Smith's highly yogadorkably anticipated, "Yoga Hosers." The movie, which just finished wrapping up filming, stars Depp as Guy Lapointe, a reprisal of his Montreal man-hunter character in Smith's "Tusk." In the film, Lapointe steps in to help the Colleens (also [...]


The “Worldwide Survey of Fitness Trends for 2015” just released by the American College of Sports Medicine once again placed yoga on their Top 10 list. Fitness industry experts noted that the staying power of yoga is remarkable. "The yoga folks surprise me every year," study author Walter Thompson confessed to NPR:


Arabesque Yoga, a program bringing free yoga to inner city youth in Denver and Boulder, CO, needs our help. We first heard about Arabesque Yoga through a recent giveaway where entrants were asked to share an organization or charity they donate to, or would like to donate to, whether financially or through their time and [...]


When yoga is reduced to a self-obsessed, bourgeois lifestyle distraction, people who are so poor they would never have time to take a yoga class actually die in collapsing Bangladesh sweatshops. So a bare-minimum goal in yoga work should be to keep things real.


Sound the trumpets and ring the bells, yoga has won! Tell 'em what they've won, Johnny. As it turns out, in the superlatives of the grand yearbook of modern exercise, yoga is the least likely to become a fizzle away fad when it comes to fitness trends. As in, plenty of exercise methods come and go [...]


It's a tragic end to the search for a missing American yoga teacher in Mexico. Hari Simran Singh Khalsa was on a yoga retreat with his wife in Tepotzlan, Mexico when Tuesday morning, December 30, he decided to take a solo hike up in to the mountains and went missing. After an extensive search, his body was [...]


There's some terrible news out of the yoga festival files this week. A yoga teacher has gone missing from the four-day "Sat Nam Fest" yoga retreat he and his wife were on in Mexico. The last time he was heard from, Hari Simran was texting a selfie to his wife, Emily Smith, from the top of a [...]


Crikey chakrasana, what a year! Before we officially say goodbye to 2014 and set it adrift in its watery savasana into the sunset, we wanted to take the time to reflect on what a wild and transformative year it's been. While yoga's popularity continues to grow, in populations young and old, in celebriyogis, school children [...]

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A new study found that yoga can be just as beneficial to your heart as your jazzerfitcyclezumbathon or any other aerobic activity you put yourself through. The study found that practicing yoga "lowered blood pressure, cholesterol, heart rate and other cardiovascular risk factors in increments comparable to those seen with aerobic exercise." And our hearts grew three [...]

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Tao Porchon-Lynch at the Taj Mahal  | photo credit: Joyce Pines

We are straight up inspired by this woman. Tao Porchon-Lynch is the kind of person we wish was our cool auntie Tao who tells inspiring stories of the days she marched with Gandhi, or what it was like in Hollywood in the 50s, or how she just won a ballroom dancing competition at the ripe [...]


A well-intentioned Hollywood yoga teacher aims to bring the community and law enforcement together in a public mindful meditation event. It's all in response to the national unrest over police brutality and grand jury decisions not to indict cops in two different highly controversial cases. (If you don't know by now that's Mike Brown in [...]


We've seen some depressing things happen in yoga in recent years regarding abuse of power, abuse of students  - mentally, emotionally, physically and sexually - and even rape charges brought against some very prominent teachers including Kausthaub Desikachar and Bikram Choudhury. But this horrifying story out of Australia about a yoga movement led by Swami [...]


Comedian Chris Rock is a busy guy. Between acting, screenwriting, directing his newly released film "Top Five," how does this guy do it all? We can't tell you, but we do know how he keeps his striking good looks thanks to fellow ac-TOR Zach Braff. According to an exchange between the two on Twitter, it's [...]

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