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He's furry, he's cuddly, and he loves to meditate. His name is Meddy Teddy, the meditation Teddy Bear, and he's Instagram's next yoga star. Like a Teddy Ruxpin for the modern age, this little closed-eyed yoga poser is intended to help parents and teachers talk to kids about heady stuff like mindfulness, self-trust, and confidence. Meddy [...]


by Terry Littlefield I was recently listening to J. Brown’s podcast with guest Ann Votaw. Ann was talking about the time she got to go to NYU and get an actual tour of their cadaver lab.She was interested in going there because she had been really sick and the possibility of death hit close to home. She [...]


Anneke Lucas is a survivor. When she was six years old, she was sold into a child sex-trafficking ring. By age 12, she had witnessed and experienced what you hope no one would ever have to in their entire life time. In a recent episode of his podcast series, J. Brown talks with Lucas about her [...]

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T.K.V. Desikachar is not doing well. According to reports from those close to him, Desikachar's condition has worsened and he is "near comatose." Desikachar has been battling a decline in his mental health for the past several years, and it seems his physical health is worsening as well. Via Paul Harvey of the Centre For [...]


Little ants on pink mats! Traffic and people speed past on either side as a group of yogis pause for poses. This time-lapse video of Solstice Yoga in Time Square might give you the best perspective of "mind over madness" — the event's permanent slogan. The visuals come from one of the Times Square EarthCams, of [...]


Oh, Solstice Yoga in Times Square! You came, you saw, you yoga'd. You soaked your feet into your bright pink branded yoga mats and quenched your thirst with sponsored berry smoothies. You saluted the sun, snapped your selfies and had an all around grand old time welcoming in the summer season. It was a perfect summer day [...]


They call it "a counterpoint to New Year's Eve" — the Summer Solstice Yoga in Times Square is already underway, ringing in the longest day of the year with sun salutations and down dogs in NYC's busiest intersection. By comparison, the yoga area seems like a such a small portion of the "Crossroads of the [...]


For their 50th anniversary this year, Runner's World magazine shared their most awkward covers from their five decades of publication. Of the 13 gems, three of them feature yoga, and each come from the years between '79-81, which means they're so wonderfully retro, AND uncomfortably awkward. Because let's be honest, that era was just super awkward [...]


Yogis getting political. It's a little uncomfortable. Like the first time you wear a thong. It's awkward but you know it's meant to be there for good. It's only trying to help. Needless to say, this election season has stirred up quite a frenzy, and we mean that as good and bad. But the overall [...]

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