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When we develop mindfulness practices and allot chunks of our days to them, we are quite careful about what they entail—we sit properly for meditation with alignment to support the spine, in yoga practice we move with grace and alertness toward the precise placement of our limbs, we allow sensation to teach us strength and connectedness with our full bodies and then...we step off the mat and into our world.


Luck is a lady...times two! Or maybe that's 108. We're especially excited for this giveaway 1) because the book is co-written by two fabulous longtime pals of YD and 2) we really love it! The Living Mala by Nancy Alder and Elizabeth Vartanian is just what the title suggests: a way to bring our intentions [...]


So you can file this one under "No Good News." When you think of ahimsa—non-harming—it's not usually your yoga pants you're worried about. But now a new study is telling us that our cozy stretch pants are actually doing more harm to the planet than good. The problem? Microscopic plastics that shed from your yoga [...]

Sarah Baughn

When a yoga behemoth reaches peak scandal status. The Bikram Choudhury Saga (short for the multiple rape and sexual harassment lawsuits and the subsequent downfall of The Don of yoga), is getting the true crime treatment courtesy of ID (aka Investigation Discovery)'s Vanity Fair Confidential. The episode, “Bikram Feels the Heat,” premiering this coming Monday, March [...]


In Yoga and Ayurveda we believe that digestion is the cornerstone of good health. Everything that is taken in must be chewed and broken down. We must be able to assimilate that which will contribute to our well-being and release that which would become toxic if built up.


Ever feel like you're om-ing right to the universe? You're not alone. And now, literally, you're not alone, thanks to the folks at the Rubin Museum who want you to join in the largest collective chant of "om" the world has ever known. Since the beginning of February, visitors to NYC's Rubin Museum of Art [...]

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In which buff men practice yoga in the buff — wearing nothing, and we mean nothing, but kilts (OK, and the socks and boots, too). In case you were wondering what men wear under their kilts, the rumors are true. We can thank BBC The Social for this...interesting scene. Apparently it's a yoga teacher and his [...]


February 17, 2017 Eric Shaw may be a familiar name as a yoga teacher. But his recent anti-feminist rant might earn him a new title: unabashed misogynist. Coming as a surprise to many of his students and followers, Shaw posted an extremely alienating note to his Facebook wall Thursday, and understandably, people are responding in [...]


We're delighted to be sharing this fascinatingly yogadorky excerpt on the wonderful world of fascia from this great book: Anatomy and Yoga: A Guide for Teachers and Students by Ellen Saltonstall. Anatomy nerds and curious yogis will love this one. We're also excited to be hosting a giveaway—stay tuned! ...   The fascial network of the [...]