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Milo the yoga video kiboshing cat! All we can say is this little furry pal was not into his human companion's selfie yoga practice video, and it's really funny and cute. At least it was the camera and not her crotch. Hey-O. ------ Earlier... Adorable Namaste Cat Does Morning Namaste Practice (VIDEO) How-to: Partner Yoga [...]

downward facing dog

Poochy and Chester instinctively stretch their front paws forward, rear limbs back, arch and lengthen their furry torsos, and swoosh their tails. Frequently.
Yet Jack and Jill tend to be perma-hunchbacked in their soft-as-mashed-potatoes sofa watching the dumbo-tron, fingers glued to their smarter-than-human devices, with a bag of chips and can of soda on their laps. We must be in Kali Yuga.

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Uh oh. Before you drop another month's rent on a juice cleanse, you might want to watch this video. Juice cleanses are all the rage lately especially with the wellness/yoga lot, and it being spring and all, everyone wants to purge their toxins by stopping eating all together and consuming only liquified produce. Some may [...]


Now that's some yoga. If you've never seen this clip of "Y.O.G.A" from the 1983 Hindi action thriller HAADSAA, you are in for a rare musical treat. Sometimes we have to thank the goddesses of YouTube. Apparently the song in the scene is a nod to/ripp-off of this Kraftwerk song. Women in spandex leotards, levitation, [...]

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Partner yoga just got a lot more interesting. For all of you having to explain this horse yoga thing to people, we apologize on behalf of the internet.


Is yoga the key to keeping Silicon Valley sane and on the cutting edge of innovation? A growing number of startups have adopted the practice to relieve stress and boost productivity, and one entrepreneur says it "saved" his career, so...we're leaning towards yeah, probably.


These are some wonderfully beautiful photos of yoga in Kenya. We've seen by now how yoga has affected people the world over, from the east to the west and back again, with non-profit organizations and yoga teachers alike helping it to make stops along the way.


Everyone has it wrong, this adorable feline isn't begging for food, kitty is doing her morning namaste practice! It probably goes something like this: "Namaste, human companion/scratching post...Namaste, furry fake mouse with a mysterious smell that drives me wild...Namaste, squiggly thing I love to chase but stop caring about once I catch you...Namaste objects on [...]

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Twelve-year-old certified yoga instructor Jaysea DeVoe teaches her yoga class at the Bergamot Spa in Encinitas, California

Meet Jaysea Devoe, she's a 12-year-old yoga teacher from Encinitas (where else?) and she's believed to be the youngest official yoga teacher in the US completing her 200-hour training and starting her career on the California coast.


If you haven't seen this video of yoga teacher Chelsea Roff receiving the best ever "Prank it Fwd" then you must watch it right now. The YouTube video which has been shared through every internet outlet possible has already received over 5.7 million views and probably produced almost just as many tear-soaked tissues because this [...]