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Advertising for yoga classes: you're doing it wrong. Unfortunately, the yearly 9/11 anniversary inevitably gets exploited in some distasteful way, but we somehow least expected it (or would like to least expect it) from a yoga studio. However, a Bikram studio in Arlington, Virginia did not get the memo, and went ahead with promoting their “9+11=20% [...]


Johnny Mathis is not just the guy you hear on late night infomercials for music anthologies of yesteryear, though he IS releasing a new box set of songs. Sure, your parents, or maybe even grandparents (what year is this?) will talk of him fondly, but truly this guy is a classic American singer, well-known for [...]

B.K.S. Iyengar still from the filming of Sadhaka.

I have practiced Iyengar yoga for 41 years, although my practice was sporadic in the early days. My husband Lindsey and I made our first journey to Pune in 1976 to study with B.K.S. Iyengar 39 years ago. I have made that journey, mostly with Lindsey around 23 times.


They promised they'd be back and here it is, another killer episode from the "Posers" web series. This week Meg and Cait confront the pressures of moisture-wicking yoga pants, "dressing the part," and living up to their "dreamalities," which all sounds a bit too familiar in this modern and trendy yoga world. Can they find [...]


If you haven't noticed yoga has a diversity issue, you may be blissfully blind to color, or you may be white.  There have been more than a few articles recently pointing out the whiteness of yoga in America as its popularity continues to expand. But despite what we see in the media, black people DO [...]


Earlier this week Yoga Alliance quietly announced in an email to its members that Richard Karpel, President of Yoga Alliance and the Yoga Alliance Registry, will be stepping down later this year. This is somewhat unnerving and unfortunate news. Some may remember Karpel joined the organization as president in 2012 and basically saved YA from [...]


Yes, it's yet another yoga web series...wait...come back! This one is pretty funny! We promise you'll get at least one satisfactory chuckle out of "Posers" written by and starring the uber exuberant Megan Gonzalez and Cait Doyle. The series follows Cait and Megan as they traverse their way through the trials and tribulations of the [...]


Here's a rare photo of Joan Rivers practicing yoga (meditation?) from Punta Mita, Mexico where she and her daughter Melissa spent time over the holidays in 2011. The mother and daughter duo shared photos on twitter and facebook of their vacation spent hanging out on the coast and apparently squeezing in a little time for yoga. We [...]

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...though I'm really starting to wonder if we should even care anymore. Is this thing on? After last month's kerfluffle over Yoga Journal's body image problem, who knew they were already priming for their very own "The Body Issue"? While we only have the cover image so far, previewed via YJ's and cover model Kathryn [...]


Nevermind the time-warping fact that filmmaker Kevin Smith AND perennially youthful Johnny Depp each have 15-year-old daughters, we can't get over that both of these gals will be starring in Smith's new action-adventure film "Yoga Hosers" about convenience store clerks turned yoga superheroes. A film about yoga superheroes? From Kevin Smith? Yes, you heard that [...]