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Mmm…algae. Slimy, sticky, creepy algae. Believe it or not, it’s the newest ingredient in your yoga mat and not only is it extremely renewable, it is in abundance, sometimes annoyingly so. While algae isn’t always our friend, it does play an important role in aquatic eco-systems, and not just when it’s a spirulina add-on for [...]


Yoga on a cloud. Sounds pretty nice, right? This may be the most spatially conscious and curvaceously elevating yoga studio we’ve ever seen. Designed by the aptly named Clouds Architecture Office, CRS Studio in New York’s Union Square was transformed to create a yoga and meditation space with the feeling of floating in the heavens where [...]


Cracking joints. We all do it. Sometimes unintentionally, sometimes out of habit, and sometimes to annoy our squeamish friend who equates popping knuckles to nails on a chalkboard. As yogis, you may find your joints crack even more or less than usual. But what’s really happening when we do it? And, maybe more importantly, is [...]


Grey or gray matter. However you spell it, if you meditate, oh, it’s a-changin’. And that’s what a team of Harvard researchers is telling us. The most astounding part? Our brain’s gray matter can change in shape and size (for the better, mind you) in just eight weeks of practicing meditation. Signs of improvement showed [...]


This is just about the coolest, yogadorkiest meditation video we’ve had the pleasure of discovering on the interwebs. Sure, meditation helps us relax, focus, and feel good, but did you know about all the fascinating science stuff? In just 3 minutes there are more juicy science-y tidbits in this cute video than you could possibly remember [...]


Happy Halloween! In the spirit of the holiday and pumpkin-carving season, we have for you a downloadable OM so you, too, can test your yogi’s patience while trying out your knife wielding skills. This one isn’t TOO difficult, but just remember, if your pumpkin turns out looking like an avant-garde art project done by a [...]

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The rad (short for radiological) folks at Hybrid Medical Animation have developed an incredibly neato way to see how our leg bones are connected to our hip bones, making it animatedly awesome and beautiful with yoga in motion. Check it out. How the team described their idea: Our goal for this piece was to create a [...]


Free subway rides for 30 squats? We’re fit New Yorkers, sign us up! Apparently it’s one of those things, only in Moscow? It’s true, a vending machine at the Vystavochnaya station will give you a single-ride ticket if you stand in front of it and perform 30 squats. It’s part of a promotion by Russia’s Olympic Committee [...]


It’s almost Return of the Jedi‘s 30th birthday (May 25!) which means we’re all old and Yoda is really old. Just kidding, we’ve got the Force on our side, should we choose to accept it, or something. (Different movie franchise?) As the third film in the original Star Wars trilogy reaches its third decade young, [...]