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holiday 2011

“Santa’s Christmas Routine” is a free e-book and cute story from the folks at SangaYoga, about a boy who helps the jolly man and his bowl full of jelly salute the sun, touch his toes and therefore make it through the chimney to deliver presents to all the good little boys and girls


Yoga videos have become the new cat videos! In 2011 we’ve seen more hilarious new yoga clips popping up on the interwebs and our manipura chakra is all the better for it.


YD Giveaway: Barefoot Yoga Hybrid Eco Mat and Indian Velvet Mat Bag


YD has teamed up with our pals at Karma Warrior Clothing, an eco-conscious, socially aware, kick asana clothing company for the inaugural ultimate YogaDork t-shirt design contest. Hell yeah. We put out the call and you responded with some super fun and dorkie designs. Here are the finalists! Click for a closer look. Now we [...]


It’s the most wonnnderful tiime of the yeeear…No wait. Come back! We won’t sing the rest, we promise. You’ll be ready to hug/pound Andy Williams and a few other caroling friends by the time the year is out. But, before all that, no time like the present. Yay, presents! There’s no denying the holiday season [...]