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holiday 2010

Holy ravioli, 2010 is almost over! Whew, what a year. So much has happened in this here yogadorkland we live in. Sure there are lots of ‘best of’ posts to be found round this time, but we figured why not close out the year with a good old fashioned YD poll? And so we hand it over [...]


Happy Holiday Merriment! Are you off traveling? Scrambling to get last minute gifts? Looking forward to lounging in your PJs with a cup of hot cocoa and those sweet little marshmallows? Whatever your holiday ritual, we here at YD send our sincerest wishes for a safe, healthy and joyous end of December 2010-ness. We’ll be taking a [...]


Oh my! It’s holiday madness, and we are in it…RIGHT NOW! Shhh…you can almost hear the pitter patter of little yogi elves’ feet. Still in a shopping crunch? We’re here to help. Last year‘s pie in the sky gift was a retreat. Does that still rank #1 on your list? poll by twiigs.com Of course there’s so much to [...]