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holiday 2009

And now….New Years traditions and reflections by the one and only sirsa queen, the gracious and inspiring yogacrone, Cora Wen! Do You Believe in Magic? Standing in the Full Blue Moonlight Oak Moon, Bitter Moon, Snow Moon, Long Night Moon, Cold Moon, Rain and Wind Moon – these are some traditional names given to the [...]


After a night of celebrating and ringing in the new year, your hardworking bod could probably use some healthy wringing out, no? Well here are some NYC events to kick off the next decade in yogadork style. Happy joy! Happy 2010! What: Sadie Nardini’s hosting a 2 hour Core Strength Vinyasa New Year’s Revolution workshop [...]

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We ask you, what’re the final few days of 2009 without a YD giveaway? Yep, there’s still time to squeeze one in, 2009! As we shimmy our way into the dawn of a new decade, what plans do you have for closing the chapter of ’00s and sallying forth into the wild yonder of millennium [...]


What a year! As we count down the remaining days of what we know to be 2009, we can’t help but look back on the year that put yogadorks on the map. Oh sure, there were LOTS of posts here on YD, but some stood out more than others, and some for more obvious reasons [...]

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Lovely yogadorks! Can you believe it’s the end of the year already? And not only that, the end of a decade! Wow. Well, 2009 was filled with tons of fun and fascinating discussions on YD thanks to all the awesome and insightful yogadorks out there. For that we are truly and sincerely grateful. And it [...]


Just as we were promised, lululemon has saved Christmas! Not even the Recession-omics or black market knockoffs can keep these lulubirds down. While everyone from Best Buy to Wal-Mart is beating down your door with drastic price slashes this holiday season, team lulu just flashes their cheery grin and shrugs their little goalsetting shoulders, because [...]

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Ahh, here we are December. This 2009 has been a wild and crazy ride so far, and now it’s almost 2010 already! But before we get all teary-eyed about days past and future, let’s talk about the present(s)! The holidays can have us bending over backwards trying to find the perfect gifts, but hopefully our [...]