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holiday 2008

It may be a tad late for this season, but we happened upon this handy list of Yoga holiday greeting cards and thought we’d share. cafepress.com – Simply stated “Namaste” greeting cards. [link] hipstercards.com – Not so much Holiday, but some fun yoga greeting cards. For thank-you notes perhaps?  [link] stillpractising.com – A little more mature and artsy. [...]


Only one more shopping weekend left! In a bind? See our helpful list of last minute gifts and stocking stuffers below… For the best yoga gifts and other last minute gift ideas don’t forget to peruse the YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide! Yoga Dogs 2009 Wall Calendar | $12.99 [buy] 2009 Yoga Planner | $11.19 [buy] [...]


Wii Fit is in stock at CircuitCity.com! But probably not for very long. It’s only available as a bundle, meaning a Wii Fit is added to your order when you purchase an accessory (ie. a balance board slip cover or battery pack, $19.99). Here’s the link.


For the best yoga gift ideas don’t forget to peruse the YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide! Certainly during this jolly time of year the only thing that seems to get slimmer is your wallet! And in this current economic crunch going bananas on holiday spending is probably not the best way to handle it. But don’t worry it’s not [...]


Let’s face it, shopping is tough! And stressful! That’s why we’ve decided to give your yogi nerves a little break with our official YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide 2008! Whether you’re headed out to fend the masses at the mall, or nestling in front of the world’s greatest mall (the internet!) our little guide of yoga [...]


If you’re anything like us you’re already fretting the dreaded holiday shopping, which is looming right around the corner ready to pounce like a blood thirsty vampire, only this vampire sucks your wallet dry! Only 70 shopping days left! Are we stressing you out? Well, hopefully this economic crisis isn’t hitting you where it hurts too hard and [...]

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