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In these modern, technologically-advanced times, virtually everything is at our fingertips, which may sound like a good thing, but ask biomechanist Katy Bowman and you might get a different opinion. In fact, we’re hearing that as a society we are becoming much too stationary and just don’t move as much as we should in order [...]


We often hear from yogsters how difficult it can be to bring their yoga off the mat. When we’re in our practice on the mat, we’re more likely to tune in, to remind ourselves to release, to watch our breath, to let go of judgements. Then, we step off…and are confronted by the stresses and [...]


The world is SO LOUD right now. A lot of us are experiencing emotional overload for a variety of reasons and our initial instinct may be to shut everything out, turn everything off. And, really, that’s entirely warranted. But in that urge to retreat there may be something more we can do for ourselves, a [...]


Luck is a lady…times two! Or maybe that’s 108. We’re especially excited for this giveaway 1) because the book is co-written by two fabulous longtime pals of YD and 2) we really love it! The Living Mala by Nancy Alder and Elizabeth Vartanian is just what the title suggests: a way to bring our intentions [...]


If you know us, you know we love giveaways — book giveaways in particular. And book giveaways of the yogadorky sort get us even more giddy because it gives us a chance to completely nerd out. This time we’ll nerd, dork, geek out over something we can all related to — anatomy! WIN: We’re giving [...]


It’s almost (officially) summer and life just got even busier. But it doesn’t have to be harder. In case it feels that way, we have just the thing to help you slooowww things downs. Straight from the increase-the-ease department we’re delighted to be giving away your ticket to chillville, J. Brown’s Gentle Is The New [...]


As modern humans we often put our feet through some medieval torture. Shoes, for example. And even though they’re at the bottom of our bodies and we may hardly glance in their direction, our feet are pretty key to our overall health and well-being. And this is why we find it paramount to keep our [...]


Yoga pants: we live in them! They’re stress-relievers, after all. And they’re so much more comfortable than denim trousers (said for emphasis because jeans are so old school). Imagine yoga pants that are custom made for your body, your measurements, your curves. Hello, Comfytown. You are now the mayor. It may sound too good to [...]


Whether you’re a teacher or a kid’s yoga teacher, or if the thought of bringing yoga to schools ever once crossed your mind, you’re going to want this book. A collaboration of over 20 experts in the children’s yoga world and the Yoga Service Council, Best Practices For Yoga In Schools is the first book of its kind tackling [...]