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Hup two, breathe, three, four… In the Naaavvvvyyy. Yoga is. We keep hearing more stories about yoga in the military –added to basic training, integrated into rehabilitation programs – and it seems they’re getting really serious (uh, militant?) about it. Thanks to a tipster who gave us the heads up about this job posting. Not [...]


Now that Oprah has left the building, the vast chasm remaining on daytime television is being felt. Wholeheartedly. We know you are pining away, wondering who will bring your attention to life’s quandaries, like how in the world did Jennifer Aniston put those doggies on a yoga mat? While we’re still holding our dorky breath [...]


UPDATE 8/5/09: All you starry-eyed yogs, we regret to inform you we’ve received word from the casting company-  shooting day has passed and therefore your stellar services are no longer needed. Kindly stop bombarding the hiring agent. You’ll just have to wait for the sequel! —- Hey O! It’s a great week for Yogis in [...]


Hot on the heels of the Celebriyogi ‘Teacher Talent’ Edition, comes your chance to be a reality star! Sorta. A dear friend* spotted this Wanted ad for USA’s reality series “Character Fantasy” searching for a yoga instructor to help one aspiring yogi achieve the dream (fantasy?) of becoming a teacher. A little like MTV’s ‘Made’ [...]


Attention Struggling NY Yoga Teachers! Dust off your best 2-3 minutes of material. The ever buoyant Equinox is forging its way through the recession and hiring teachers for early mornings and BOTH Sat and Sun.  Rough sched, but could be solid if you’re looking for gigs.  For fans of Pure, sounds like it’s just Equinox [...]