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Body positivity doesn’t end with pregnancy. Having been recently pregnant for those familiar nine months ourselves, this illustrative series from Danish artist Marie Jørgensen speaks especially sweetly to my consistently changing body. In case you missed it, we previously shared Jørgensen’s work challenging the stereotypical “yoga body” or what we’ve been conditioned to believe it is. In [...]


Well, fish and chips, if this video of England National Rugby guys practicing yoga doesn’t have us rightly chuffed! These days it’s not just American pro athletes taking the benefits of yoga seriously as a true way to stretch, breathe, relax, rehabilitate and pre-habilitate, preventing injuries on and off the field. Props for the blocks. [...]


by J. Brown Now that yoga class attendees who were never really into the yoga have largely migrated to Crossfit, and the once freely-given pass on safety has expired, grassroots practitioners are reclaiming the terms of their trade. The old school of yoga is resurgent, offering an antidote to a cultural infatuation with youth and [...]


by J. Brown There are three general sensibilities that shape the process by which someone comes to an understanding of yoga, and its capacity to empower. Each approach offers benefits but, contrary to common assumptions, they do not all lead to the same conclusions or results. For purposes here, these perspectives will be referred to [...]


As if there’s any chance you needed another reason to love the little British lotus flower that is Thom Yorke. He isn’t just the talented and boogieing lead singer of Radiohead (Exhibit A; B), he’s also a cool and collected boogieing rock star, thanks to yoga (Exhibit C). Known for his forays into computer music, modern [...]


Adam Levine parsva rockasana. Oh, Adam Levine, you are fastly becoming our favorite tattooed celebriyogi rock musician who co-hosts a TV show and has a penchant for speaking his mind about his love for yoga. Look out, Russell Brand. Here’s the stuff we know: your yoga boyfriend, Mr. Levine, has been very vocal and rather [...]