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On the outskirts of the last decade, a small and humble minority has been pushing back against the pumped up power craze that swept through the nineties, and still largely has a hold on modern postural yoga. Now that the longstanding kingdoms that once guarded yoga's legacies have fallen, and individuals are left more to their own devices, this once obscure and unsung song is finding a new chorus of practitioners.


We called it a 'must-see' back when it was a 48-minute TV special on Al Jazeera English, and now they're set on making it into a full feature film. The original "Who Owns Yoga?" which aired last fall, takes a look at the origins of yoga, but goes beyond, expanding and fast forwarding to how [...]


Yoga in school does not violate First Amendment religious rights, a California appeals court ruled Friday. Some of you may remember the huge to-do and trial over yoga in the Encinitas Union School District, which ended in a triumph for the yoga program in the end. As a brief summary, a lawsuit was filed by conservative parents [...]


Yoga is for Every Bunny*
*and every body.

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So, I don't know about y'all, but I am LOVING the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. Beyond being a brilliantly funny show by co-collaborators of 30 Rock, Tina Fey, and Robert Carlock, it's a groundbreaking comedy based on trauma, rape, and kidnapping. Recently, Emily Nussbaum of the New Yorker did a great job capturing the show's best and worst points, but as a Yogi, one episode stood out to me, in particular.

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We happened upon this photo and had to post it. People have been sharing this pic like crazy and it's for good reason. If you've ever felt bogged down by what we're often told a yoga body is or isn't, this will absolutely make your week. So much love for this guy right here. Photo caption [...]

Still Hot Yoga formerly Decatur Bikram Yoga. | image via facebook

Ever since allegations of sexual assault and rape were brought against Bikram Choudhury (the man), Bikram (the yoga) has suffered. Spanning across the country, and world, the Bikram Yoga empire, an enormous network of studios and practitioners who have dedicated hours and years to this brand, is now left to decide where, and with whom, they [...]


Bikram Choudhury is finally speaking out in response to the six sexual assault and rape claims made against him. In a CNN exclusive interview that aired today, Choudhury denies assaulting any of the women. "I never assaulted," he said, adding, "I feel sorry for them." He says that the lawyers are the ones egging on [...]


Soul sensation Janelle Monáe is letting her popness shine on this latest track called "Yoga." Yes, "Yoga." The song, featuring Jidenna, is from her upcoming compilation EP called Wondaland Presents THE EEPHUS. In "Yoga," Monáe sings about partying at the beach with her black yoga pants on, doing yoga on the dance floor, her money doing [...]


In San Francisco, where else? If our yogdar reading is correct, San Francisco is THE place to be for tech folks who love yoga and yoga folks who love tech. And if this Craigslist ad is any indication, tech nerds and yogadorks are looking to shack up together exclusively in one om-possibly awesome 'Yoga & Tech' [...]


Seriously lacking in your spirituality game? Time to step it up. Here are some super tips to get you über, ultra spiritual - or at least look and act like it! For times when you're not sure if you're silently judge-y enough or feeling inadequate amounts of holier than thou, this video from JP Sears [...]

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Because the Incredible (man) Hulk shouldn't be the one having all the green yoga fun. There are definitely some days when we're feeling She-Hulk-ish on the mat. Plus, now we can't wait to finish our next practice with a powerful SMASHASANA! Thanks to illustrator Megan Levens for bringing She-Hulk the yogi to life. [h/t @ForYogi] [...]

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Have you noticed? Spring is the time of year when some people go on wood-chip diets and others try to sell you weight loss shakes made of hooves.

Is there an undercurrent of Thinspo masquerading as Health behind certain promotions put out by your gym or local yoga studio?


Movie star Jackie Chan just announced something potentially awesome, but we really can't say for sure, yet. There are little details but Chan just let the cat pose out of the bag - he will star in a new film called Kungfu Yoga which is slated to begin shooting in India this fall. (!) “Yes, [...]

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