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Ask The Yogacist

yogacist-logoDoes this sound familiar?

You’re late for yoga, the teacher’s already shut the door and denies your entry. Drat! You paid for class. Should you enter anyway?

Or maybe…

Sweaty McSteamybod has removed his shirt and is dripping all over your mat during class. Do you confront his royal perspireness?

If situations like this have you scratching your third eye or shaking a mighty mudra to the sky in frustration worry no more! Ask The Yogacist!

Introducing the YogaDork’s answer to the world’s most popular syndicated column Dear Abby crossed with a dash of the New York Times’ The Ethicist. While we’re not quite at 110 million readers and haven’t won any Emmys, we’re pretty confident we can assist in the sattva-fication of your daily yoga dilemmas (or at the very least make you smile).

Whether you’re a student, a teacher, a concerned relative, we’ll answer your deepest darkest questions like ‘what’s the proper protocol for asking out the cute yogi who keeps eyeing my bakasana?’

The Yogacist will be a recurring weekly column featured every Tuesday on YogaDork.com – to entertain, to educate, to let you know you’re not alone!

Now taking your questions, queries, and quandaries! Just email us at –  yogacist@yogadork.com

Ground rules

Well there really aren’t any rules per se, just keep it yoga related! And be aware we have the right to dismiss any questions crossing the line of abusive or overly offensive. So, ah, ask away!

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