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Follow YogaDork on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Get all the top yoga stories conveniently mailed to you – sign up here. Yoga practitioner Nancy is currently in the midst of a 40 Day Yoga Challenge (a la Baron Baptiste’s 40 Days to Personal Revolution program) and is simultaneously raising money to help refugees in Syria who have been displaced [...]


Lights! yoga! magic! What happens when they all come together? These cute and festive images strung up and shining like Griswold-asana or a yogi Lite-Brite. Via the creative mind behind Y is for Yogini — see below for our faves and check out her site for the full set.  


Just because! Thanks to Y is for Yogini for her kooky humor and crafty pumpkin decorating skills. And it’s not Halloween without the classic Om-‘o-lantern, of course. Do you have any other fun yoga pumpkin carvings to share? —— Earlier… Annual YogaDork Halloween Costume Photo Contest Spooky Skeleton Yoga Exorcist Yoga! And the Top 5 [...]


Bikch, please.

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Oh, Bikkie. You make for scintillating headlines, head-shaking of the “no” variety, and the occasional chuckle. Recently, fellow YogaDork YogaDawg dug up a collection of oldie-but-goodie quotes from ol’ Bikram Choudhury. One sweet little gem in particular stood out amongst the eye-widening crowd.


The Yoga Peeps have been so clever and cute that we had to create our own Yoga Peeps Show to share our favorite sweet creations. Eat your heart out yogsters.


There’s no better way to get to know someone in the realest sense than sleeping with them. Erm, not conjugally, you understand, but a la slumber partying. At Wanderlust California. And everybody knows that a stellar sleepover includes yoga (check), pillow fights (YD packs a mean whallop), and spying (check). Boys are usually the subject [...]


Calling all yogadorks! We need your help…Vote for YD! Once again we’ve been nominated for Intent.com’s Web Awards for Best In Yoga. Huzzah! And maybe we even have a chance of winning this time, but we need your help! Please show your love. Click here and vote for YD! We’re truly honored to be in [...]

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When we stumbled across this kick-ass side-by-side comp of Star Wars and Harry Potter, we couldn’t resist creating a yogic spin. And with all the “Friend” references, Anusara was parallelerrific. Now, whether you think yoga is kula, clique, or cult, you can still have a laugh whilst drinking Master Guru Yoda’s Kool-Aid of Oneness. Fear [...]


These last two superfresh styles of yoga go hand in hand, hand to mouth, and hand in yoga pants. While you won’t see them on official summer yoga festival schedules (Hanuman, Wanderlust, Bhakti Fest), you will witness their gleeful practice in public. In general, Vinoyoga precedes Solooseareya — these styles are intrinsically linked. Ready to [...]