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Happy Guru Purnima! A day to celebrate and honor our teachers. The Indian tradition is the Guru Purnima festival, a celebration falling on a full moon in the month of Ashadh to pay gratitude and respect to gurus, as well as role models and teachers who have made a special impact in your life. Via India.com: [...]


International Yoga Day may seem exciting for the world, but it’s not making everyone happy, especially in India. Ever since Prime Minister Narendra Modi made it his mission to lead yoga’s cultural rebirth, or at least reclaim its roots, there have been some critics on the sidelines questioning his methods and intentions. For the Muslim [...]


Yoga was back in court this week in Encinitas where attorneys made they’re closing arguments on the case of yoga in schools and its alleged inherent religiousness. (To catch up on the trial, check out our previous posts.) In short, an Encinitas school district began a yoga program last year funded by a grant from [...]


Heavens to Betsy. So here’s a non-shocker, the “so esoteric it’s almost meaningless” yoga trial in Encinitas is set to go on longer than expected. If you’ve been avoiding keeping up with the Sedlock v. Baird case til now, we don’t blame you, it’s a doosie. But if you wanted to catch up on the courtroom [...]


“What is Yoga?” Or how about, “What is religion?” These are the questions waiting to be answered at the trial of the yogallennium where parents are suing their children’s school over free yoga classes claiming it is unconstitutional religious indoctrination. Oh, the growing pains of society. Opening remarks on Monday came from San Diego Superior Court [...]


MO: [LATimes] “The state, which views the discipline as strictly recreational, has levied a 4% tax on studio owners and instructors. But yogis say their pastime should be exempt as a spiritual pursuit.” Earlier…Missouri Taxes Studios, Texas to Join in Licensing Battle, Everyone Tries to Define Yoga VA: Yesterday there was a Washington Post editorial [...]


Yoga’s ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury responds as expected to the recent news of the yoga ban in Malaysia: He rubs shoulders with Hollywood celebrities, refers to his yoga classes as “torture chambers”, and pooh-poohs religious leaders who oppose the practice of yoga. “Yoga has absolutely nothing to do with religion,” said Los Angeles-based Choudhury, when asked about [...]

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Remember our fellow yogi Su? She’s the veteran Muslim yoga teacher who spoke out in defense of yoga, and poo pooed the warnings of Professor Zakaria on banning the practice. She also made a significant point about yoga in other Muslim countries, which blasted a hole in the apparent cave we were living in.  Now she’s speaking [...]


It’s a rather dismal and gloomy day here in NYC, which we admit does have us feeling a bit somber and detached. While days like this can offer a welcomed respite from the steady stream of madness, sometimes they can make you feel more secluded and alone than a big city like this does normally. [...]