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Yoga comedy…an oxymoron, right? But we assure you we’ve seen our fair share of righteous yogahaha, which is why you should believe us when we say, if you’re looking for a hearty giggle and an “ummm, YESSS” this Yoga 101 series from CBC Comedy will not disappoint. All relatable shenanigans from being a yoga n00b [...]


NYC yogis, turn on your burgl-dar! A thief is running rampant robbing Manhattan shops and restaurants, and he hasn’t spared the yoga stops! Among the 22(!) targets, since late last month, of barber shops, beauty salons and fast food chains, was Pure Yoga on the Upper East Side! The yoga studio on 86th St. was [...]


In what seems to be the most difficult time for a studio to introduce teacher training, what with the sunken economy and all that licensing beeswax, Pure Yoga turns up its luxurious schnoz at all that and is sallying forth with a brand shiny new teacher training program! Excited? We imagine those of you outside [...]


Baba Ramdev Unveils His Yoganomics Plan: He’s a one man wonder! Employees of the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) were treated to some quality Swamster time recently during their very own special Ramdev Yoga Camp. Not content with politics, technology, curing everything in the world, Ramdev threw his Economist hat into the ring. Speaking on the [...]


Yoga Day Canada, Feb 28: Well it doesn’t quite have the ring of Yoga Day USA, but yogadorks of the great white north can still have their own day of yoga awareness and free studio marketing too. Indeed, Yoga Day Canada 2009 is set for this Saturday February 28. Hadn’t heard about it? No worries, [...]


Save Money With a Home Practice: In tight times your fitness expenses might be the first to get cut. But developing a home practice means you don’t have to quit cold turkey. Best advice? For beginners, go to a class first, maybe a few classes, to get basic instruction before attempting to follow videos or books on your [...]


Lululemon Ruining Your (Work)Life: Do you aspire to be a “stylish, centered and self-employed member of the global home-office work force”? Good for you! Are you planning to lounge around in Lululemon yoga pants all day and actually try and get work accomplished? Good luck with that! Leah McLaren of the Globe and Mail warns [...]

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Tightening your belt these days doesn’t just mean saving money. We all may be struggling with this tough economy, but it looks as if a lot of people are taking refuge from the stress by holing up in the gym and yoga class, which we find a much healthier alternative to the gambling and boozing option (playing the lotto [...]


Checking our email today, amid the spam and messages from certain political organizations urging us to make last minute contributions, we found a note from our pals at Pure Yoga entitled “Meditation to Soothe Your Spirit,” with a little coupon for a free class.  From the email: With all of the changes going on around [...]

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