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Just when we thought Bikram was getting cold on us…ye old steamy one, master of Sweat and atomic balls rises from the desert! As if we hadn’t had enough proper Ferrari talk Captain Cocksure informs us of why we should disobey traffic laws, speed 200 mph down the freeway at 2am, and push the pedal [...]


November 13, 2017 Bikram Choudhury files for bankruptcy—a slick move in a sleazy situation. Have we reached a day of reckoning? Recent allegations against Hollywood big shots and political figures might suggest that. But the series of sexual misconduct outings and subsequent social media backlashes do not equal justice. And apparently, in the case of [...]


January 4, 2017 The woman who won her sexual harassment case against Bikram Choudhury last year is getting her due, big time. This may be the most empire-crushing news to date—as if the multiple sexual harassment and rape allegations coupled with his infamous reputation of being an impossibly narcissistic asanahole weren’t enough to tear up the sweaty carpets of [...]


Canada’s National Post caught up with the Santa of Yoga* himself, ‘Don’ Bikram Choudhury, fresh off another one of his sold-out speaking appearances. (He describes himself as the “busiest man in the world” which we all know is Santa Claus!) ‘Tis the season for giving (and receiving), so what did the jolly fella of megaton [...]


Cat Yoga FTW: Not content with the simple cat/cow, Swami P.F. (Purr Furrball) leads his devoted students through a series of Cat Salutations – only the beginning in his plot to rename each asana and subsequently apply for trademark patenting. Unbeknownst to his doting students the Cat Yoga Mastermind has no intention of ever leading [...]


Hey! This one’s for the hot tamales! [Above] Bikram demonstrates on a lobster his meticulous method of discovering what temperature was just too hot for yoga! As we mentioned yesterday, Bikram blessed Boston with his presence, and decided, we guess, to make a time of it. SPOTTED: “Yogi Bikram Choudhury dining on lobster with 50 [...]


Here we go again. TIME mag inducing the “Ugh” factor. oh man we have so much to say about this…our sharp tongues are piqued. Sadly we just can’t expect TIME to bring us any relevant yoga news anymore. We mean no malice, but they already muddled the little part about YogaWorks opening up a NYC [...]