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Have you heard of Enlighten Up! A Skeptic’s Journey Into the World of Yoga?? Surely by now. We reviewed the yogamentary last year when it toured around popping up on select movie screens across the country. Did it skip your town? Not to worry! The US tour is pretty much over, but now everyone can [...]


Lots of !!!’s Well it’s a mouthful, but let us be the first to wish you a Happy Enlighten Up! Yogamentary DVD Release Day! Why so happy? Because we’re giving away 2 copies! The DVD features the full film plus 50+ mins of bonus footage. Also very exciting is the Q+A with filmmaker Kate Churchill [...]


Hey there! Big news. We’ve been awarded the distinct honor of grilling politely interviewing the stars of the hit yogamentary Enlighten Up! A Skeptic’s Journey Into the World of Yoga (read the YD review). Yes they are allowing us yoyos to unleash our skills of inquiry on filmmaker Kate Churchill and Nick Rosen (the skeptic). [...]


Hey New Yorkers, have you made it out to the theatrical premiere of Enlighten Up! yet? (sorry rest of the country, we get first dibs, neener neener). For the cave dwellers unaware, this documentary has garnered lots of hoopla among the yoga community in its telling of a skeptic on a heart of darkness journey [...]


Big news for yoga-on-film… Enlighten Up!, the documentary following a skeptic’s journey through yoga, scored a distribution deal with Balcony Releasing and will open in select theaters starting April 1, 2009 in NYC. Finally, NY gets some love! (hopefully not a cruel April Fools joke). Launching our release, we open in New York City at [...]


Can one achieve enlightenment by force? Apparently that seems to be the prevailing question after screenings of the yoga film Enlighten Up! this past weekend in Boston. As put by the Boston Globe, “Forget about the organic way that yoga might allow new strength to alight into your life.” Indeed, the article goes on to quote [...]


We were being intentionally cheeky in our post yesterday. We know how difficult it is to get a decent movie screening organized in NYC, and obviously we’re relieved to hear the big apple is indeed on the “working on it” list. We’re just impatient dorks is all, and we want to see it! (stomping feet). They’re taking city suggestions [...]

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 More premiere news and additional screenings for the film Enlighten Up! Sadly, the filmmakers still insist on neglecting to enlighten NY, and frankly we’re offended. Nick Rosen is a NY journalist after all. National release is supposed to be in the works, but at this point we figure we’ll have to wait for the DVD. Enlighten Up! screens [...]


BodyJuggling DVD Release Party: No not what you think. It’s basically yoga-ish movements rolling around on a big exercise ball (made out of toxic PVC). If you don’t believe us, check out the ridiculous video above. [Dallas News-Fitness Blog] “Enlighten Up!” Premiere: Yogis in Boston can catch the premiere screening of the transformational documentary Sept 12, [...]