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Yoga: Finding and Embacing the Dark in the Light

in YD News

“Here’s what the fu*k we should all be vibrating through our beings: reality—the reality that our existence on this blue-green marble is a complex one, and the fact that we’d all benefit from bringing our whole entire selves to the mat. The light and the dark.

Tracey made this possible for me by just existing. I have the very cliche story of starting my practice with her after a tough breakup. I told her I was there to heal, exercise, and meditate like a maniac in order inject some extra endorphins into my depressing-ass situation. She did not tell me it would be okay. She insteadshowed me—through a challenging practice, breathing techniques, and honest dharma talks—that you can be with your darkness and be okay.” — via VICE

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  • There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.

  • What a great phrase – you can be with your darkness and be okay. I love that willingness to sit alongside it

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