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Actor Sam Neill Gets Peaceful With Pig Yoga

in YD News

Welcome to Poga with Sam Neill.

Sam Neill, the actor perhaps best known for his tireless tussles with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park is actually more of a peaceful piggy person. And we love it.

Neill posted on Twitter:

“So The Pig and I do our stretching routine together these mornings; we take turns while the other coaches. Here we demonstrate the “Upward Facing Dog”. Or “The Cobra” to the Pig. [he’s more Yoga than Pilates.] ‘Just 3 more Sam !”Yes coach.’ Omm.”

You know pigs are smarter than dogs, right? Apparently they’re smart enough to learn a few asanas. Mud always did seem meditative. Ooooooooooinnnnnnnk.

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  • Looks so peaceful as well as hilarious at the same time…

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  • Aww, that’s so nice to see, such a lovely asana

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