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‘Yoga 101’ Pure Yoga Comedy Gold

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Yoga comedy…an oxymoron, right? But we assure you we’ve seen our fair share of righteous yogahaha, which is why you should believe us when we say, if you’re looking for a hearty giggle and an “ummm, YESSS” this Yoga 101 series from CBC Comedy will not disappoint.

All relatable shenanigans from being a yoga n00b to mat spot savers to dealing with late yogis who demand they go into class. The episodes, featuring comedian Kristy LaPointe, are all pretty short (just 2-3 minutes) and are totally worth your time for a good chuckle, a (likely) eye roll and a head nod or two.

Watch all five episodes below.

Episode 1: Supplies

Episode 2: Affirmations & Mantras

Episode 3: Mat Spots

Episode 4: Taking Up Space

Episode 5: Late To Class

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  • I like the Episode number 3 ” Mat Spots “.. I watched this episode 5 times.. Its a too much interesting episode and article too. Hahaha Its a totally comedy article and episodes…. Seeing very much like this episodes.. Thank you so much for the share this post.

  • Na Maste

    Somewhere in Ultra Spiritual Land, JP is smiling.

  • The third and fifth episode literally made me laugh. Amazing blog!

  • There are lots of fun images. I think Yoga is a very nice sport. 🙂

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  • Carlos

    Spacial domination issues aka mat spot attachment I’ve had to deal with one those! Bahhaa!

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