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Yoga Studio Theft Becoming A Trend, DC Police Say

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This is most unfortunate. People are taking advantage of the trusting yoga crowd and pegging them as easy targets for theft. After a series of incidents in DC, police say it’s becoming a trend to scam unwitting yogis.

Gird your lotus’d loins!

The latest offense occurred April 8 at DC’s Yoga Heights where three women posed as potential students and rifled through practitioners’ belongings and made away with an employee’s purse.

Non-stealing (Asteya) is, of course, one of the five Yamas in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. But, yeah, we don’t think these ladies know nor care about that.

It’s not only DC; other cities like NYC and Berkeley have had issues with yoga studio perps. Perhaps it’s naive to think no one will steal your stuff in a yoga studio, but giving the benefit of the doubt may be surpassed by stricter security and a bigger market for those crazy yoga pants with a million pockets you can fit any into.

Or maybe we all need to go old school  a pair of these?

Sadly, people just suck sometimes. And that’s the Satya.


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  • Carlos

    Why most studios do not install lockers is really puzzling.
    Not that lockers solves all the issues of stealing but it will reduce at least the easy access to one’s belongings stuffed in a shoe cubby.

    Come on now don’t be cheap just install some lockers.

  • Henry the VIII

    The larger issue here is upscale yoga studios and neighborhood gentrification, processes that are closely connected
    Yoga Heights is in the redeveloping Petworth neighborhood of Washington DC. I know it well.
    It is a storefront along Georgia Avenue a major urban artery that runs through less whiter upscale areas of the city
    It is also located on the southern edge of Petworth, in Parkview, next to neighborhoods that
    are still in transition at best
    Unless yoga studios create an organic relationship with their community, they may well come
    to be perceived as economic predators — and will become “fair game” for robberies
    This is a wake up call for Yoga Heights which has prided itself on its community relations
    The studio has lots of up-and-coming professional white women parading themselves through the neighborhood en route to class; it’s telegraphing wealth
    Stores that have roots in a community, serve a community, know a community don’t generally get hit like this?
    Wake up call!
    Yoga Heights just opened a new studio in nearby Takoma Park, a hippe dippie area filled with Millennials.
    Compare and contrast?
    Maybe it’s just better security and more realism — but there’s an underlying issue here

    • vic

      economic predators are like the korean liquor store owners in south central los angeles during the early 90s. I dont see any comparison.

  • They are not even leaving the yoga studios! This is too much now!

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  • Mahmood

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  • This is a really sad state of affairs

  • Thank you good teaching
    Keep up the good work

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