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NYC Health Dept Ruins Brooklyn’s Goat Yoga Dreams

in YD News

We know what you’re thinking, yoga with goats is SO Brooklyn, how could they be so late to the barnyard? We were about to reach PEAK Goat Yoga! And now it’s canceled and may never happen? Thanks, NYC Health Department!

Apparently, human contact with farm animals is a no-no in NYC buildings, or so NY Goat Yoga founder Sharon Boustani eventually discovered. According to the NY Post, Boustani was denied a permit to hold weekly pop-up Goat Yoga scheduled to be held in a Bushwick warehouse — classes which would have started today and gone through June 12.

Generally, goats are not allowed to stay in NYC buildings, but exceptions are made in some cases. There’s a chance the goats could be present, but allowing them to roam freely and interact (ie. climb, poop, chew on your clothing — you know, the real highlights of Goat Yoga) would not be permitted and that wouldn’t make for an ideal, authentic experience, as it were.

“Unfortunately, the laws [in New York City] do not allow for anything close to what a goat yoga experience should be,” Boustani told the NY Post.

C’mon, Brooklyn! We had higher hopes for you. Denver and even LA can figure out their goatga shiz.

So where on earth would they even get goats in Bushwick, you say? They’d have to commute every week from Gilbertsville Farmhouse, a farm three and a half hours outside the city. If you ask us, that’s no way to treat our furry yogi friends.

Our suggestion? Up the class price from $40 (yes, it was going to be 40 bucks!) and bus all the hipsters out to the farm for weekly classes. Heaven knows they could use the fresh air and sunlight and maybe a bucket of manure, which they can use for fertilizer in their organic rooftop farming. Hay now.

Yoga with pigeons and Pizza Rat, now that might not be the furry animal yoga NYC wants, but it’s the furry animal yoga NYC deserves. Sign us up.

(Above pic from the OG Goat Yoga-ers in Oregon.)


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  • Yoga or no yoga, with or without goats, getting out of the city is always a good idea 🙂
    City rats and pigeons yoga… :))))

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