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Kevin Hart And Khloe Kardashian Yoga With A Bunch Of Kids (Goats)

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Kids would be sweet, right? Yeah. No. It’s goats.

Comedian Kevin Hart is so famous and successful he can get paid to do Goat Yoga with a Kardashian on TV. (OK, not TV, a web series — we’re olds still with a traditional TV and cable.) Anyway,in case you are bored waiting in traffic on your way to Goat Yoga, or you’re waiting in an airport for your flight and missed the Goat Yoga class, or passing the time before the Goat Yoga craze reaches a local studio and/or farm near you, you can watch funny man Hart try to get into down dog with Khloe Kardashian and a herd of — cute, yet stinky and definitely pooping on your mat — goats.

Note: paper towels.

This is totally a gag, but is it that far off from what Goat Yoga class is really like? (Sans celebrities, unless you’re in LA.)

This is one episode of a whole series where Kevin Hart does fitness-y things with willing celebs for a some on-screen shenanigans. Stay tuned for a future episode where Kevin Hart does “Beer Yoga” with Chance the Rapper. We’re really not KIDding. Ha. (We’ll post it here when it goes live for your continued viewing pleasure.)


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