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Blue Collar Yoga Gets Boots On The Mat

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Blue Collar Yoga at The Modern Prairie Craftsman | photo by Whitney Bryen for the Oklahoman

When you think of yoga in the U.S., do you think of plumbers and mechanics? Not likely. We still have Yoga Journal covers to contend with. Nevertheless, the image of Western yoga has been stealthily evolving to include people of all sizes, colors, ages, creeds and apparently, professions.

There’s a special yoga class catering to a particular group of professionals being held at a woodworking shop on Main Street in a town called Norman in the grand ‘ol state of Oklahoma. It couldn’t get any more blue collar than that. The class, actually called Blue Collar Yoga, is held every other week at The Modern Prairie Craftsman and is designed especially for local folks who work as electricians, mechanics, woodworkers, welders, plumbers and the like.

“These guys are usually really strong, but their muscles are tight from repetitive lifting all day,” says Blue Collar Yoga teacher Lindsey Densow,”so I’m trying to help improve their core strength and flexibility and open them up to help prevent injuries.”

“And this is a population that probably wouldn’t go to a class at Fusion Fitness, but they’ll come here,” she adds. Densow is the owner of nearby Fusion Fitness and Yoga.

Sometimes if they don’t come to you, you have to go to them. And sometimes the students, clad in jeans and t-shirts, might even take their work boots off.

The classes are free but they have been collecting donations for a fellow Normanian fighting breast cancer, adding to her GoFundMe to help cover medical costs.

Just like the students, the yoga comes in all forms, too.


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  • Your Mama

    Yes, when you’re Russell Simmons, or Bikram Choudhury, yoga comes in the form of predatory sexual assault, Jennilyn Carlson.
    How long are you going to stay in denial?
    My article is up next week.
    Do you want to go on the record beforehand?
    Issue some routine denial of concern or….whatever it is you do now?
    What about one of your little flunkies?
    Let me know.
    Stewart Lawrence

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