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Ikea Announce ‘Wellbeing’ Collection With Yoga Mats And Props

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Ikea announced their very first yoga products and—rejoice!—you won’t even need an Allen wrench. The Swedish home simplifier cum home assembly rage-inducer has an interesting new collection featuring items designed to soothe your inner beast. The HJÄRTELIG collection, which will be on sale April 2018, features Ikea’s very first yoga mat, plus props like blocks and straps.

The concept: to “help people improve their emotional and physical wellbeing,” says Ikea.

HJÄRTELIG—Ikea-nese for “chill out, man.”

“Made from natural materials, the HJÄRTELIG collection will help you create a soothing, sensual space – your own personal refuge, where you can relax, reflect and recharge. The perfect place to open your chakras…or a pizza box.” – Ikea.com

The products are designed in earthy tones and are sourced from sustainable materials, but here’s the kicker — they start at £3! Sorry, did we mention they’re only available in the UK?* We KNOW. Commence the deep breaths.

But hey, the yoga “mat” (£15, $21 US) is just a cotton yoga “rug” (which is actually more traditional) and those yoga blocks (£13, $18 US) have notches that look weird and probably aren’t any better than any other yoga blocks you’ve ever used before like at all, so whatever, right? Now doesn’t that make you feel better?

The yoga strap on the other hand, well, that just looks perfect and it’s £3 ($4 US).

There are, of course, other items and home decor in the collection like a planter, scented candles, glass vases, and a golden jewelry dish to stash your mala beads, we assume. However, it appears that nothing is in need of home assembly which is just peace in and of itself when it comes to Ikea.

What was the inspiration?

“We know that British people are some of the most hard-working in the world and that’s why we believe it’s important to take a step back from the often-hectic modern life to re-focus and re-vitalise,” says Alee Abas, sales leader for bedrooms at Ikea UK and Ireland.

Will the HJÄRTELIG collection make its way even further West? Time will tell, but based on how yoga has traveled, we’d say yes. Either way we sincerely hope it’s all available online, because trips to Ikea are nothing short of panic-driven jaunts through meatball-scented hell.

Oh, and get ready for the Ikea-themed yoga photos on Instagram. We warned you.

*We’re not entirely sure if the collection will be available worldwide. Currently the UK press are the only ones reporting on it.

[via Metro UK; Refinery29 UK]


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