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ESPN Announces 5-Part Series Exploring World Of Bikram Yoga

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The yoga style may be simplified with its scripted 26 poses, but the story of Bikram is anything but. We told you we were waiting for the Lifetime movie, but before that (inevitably) arrives, we’re entering yoga true crime podcast territory.

ESPN just announced they will be launching a five-part series on the Bikram yoga world for the new season of their 30 for 30 Podcasts returning this May. This is their first serialized season and apparently Bikram Yoga has given them plenty of material.

“Approaching a community that I once was a part of – and thought I understood – only to realize how much I didn’t know and how great a toll one man’s struggles have had on his followers has been quite a rollercoaster,” says ESPN’s Julia Lowrie Henderson who reported on and produced the series.

“Questions of identity are never easy, especially when yours becomes so intertwined with someone else’s name. I’m grateful that this story is getting the platform and space that it deserves,” says Henderson.

According to ESPN, the series will feature in-depth interviews with Bikram practitioners, teachers, studio owners, and women who claim to have been abused by Choudhury

It doesn’t sound like it will feature any interviews with the man himself. We all know how that went (it was so spectacular it was nominated for a Sports Emmy). Of course, it may be difficult to interview a man on the lam, hiding from an arrest warrant and owing millions of dollars, not to mention public shame and potential further criminality.

The 30 for 30 Podcasts series launches May 22 at which time you can binge all five episodes or pace yourself as needed, water breaks whenever you want — stay hydrated.




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