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The Story Behind That ‘Doggie Do’ Yoga

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This may have to be our favorite cheeky, passive aggressive, dog-poo-yoga-heard-round-the-internets sign ever. If you’ve already caught wind but didn’t know the back story, we’ll happily fill you in.

The sign was plastered to a pole along a footpath in Dullingham, a small English town near Cambridge. According to SWNS.com, while we don’t know the original witty poo crusader, local resident Julie Murden is the hero who snapped the pic and shared it to social media.

Funny enough, Murden is a yogi herself, which is probably why she found it photo-worthy.

“The poster really caught my attention because I actually do yoga myself and was just on my way back from a class,” she said via SWNS.com.

Will it inspire people to pick up their dog’s poop? Maybe. And maybe it’s a subtle, secret marketing message from that local yoga studio. Cheeky, cheeky.


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