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Now You Can Do Yoga With Penguins

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It’s winter, it’s snowy, it’s cold. Maybe even too cold for the goats to do yoga. So what animal are you going to do yoga with then?! Never fear, the penguins are here.

It’s no bird of paradise, but Penguin Yoga is now a thing, thanks to the Maryland Zoo who launched the 2018 Yoga at the Zoo series at their new and improved Penguin Coast habitat. According to the zoo’s website, the African Penguins’ new quarters is an “enhanced natural environment” created to be like their natural home of South Africa. Yep, South African penguins, and they’re on the endangered species list.

We have mixed feelings about zoos and captivity in general, but we’re also fans of protecting endangered animals, and the improved habitat does sound pretty nice.

The description for the 60-minute vinyasa class says it’s set up for all levels and promises “views of flowing water and swimming penguins.” It doesn’t say anything about being less stinky than barnyard goats, but if you prefer the aroma of a fishy penguin breakfast over manure and straw, then this is your bag!

The class is $10 for zoo members and $20 for non-members (which also includes same-day admission). The yoga classes are at 8am and will be just about once a month through June with the next one coming up on February 11th (see the zoo’s site for the full schedule) and from what we gather, they’re outside, so depending on how much you want to feel like a penguin choose your adventure wisely.

And here’s a photo of a model (a young Kate Moss?) doing yoga with a penguin because internets and why not? (We imagine this is not representative of your Penguin Yoga experience, but who are we to project what your yoga experience is like? Enjoy.)

images via Maryland Zoo

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  • Spread Your Wings Not Your Legs

    I am really anxious to see the next iterations of this practice…..like TIGER YOGA and LION YOGA and GRIZZLY BEAR YOGA.

    Obviously yoga is so peaceful that no one should have any fear of predators anymore. They won’t be able to resist.

    I think the followers of Anusara Yoga should take the lead in exploring this profoundly restful experience on behalf of all of us

    We need someone to light the path; these enlightened trendsetters don’t have so much to do anymore?

    Imagine these fierce 1,000 pound beasts reduced to nuzzling and cuddling with humans!! THEY’LL PROBABLY LET YOU PUT A SADDLE ON THEIR BACKS


    Just hop in the zoo pen and start doing Lion’s Breath in unison (Simhasana). You will be transported in a matter of minutes! MAGICAL!

  • Just the thing I needed to finally motivate myself to start doing yoga! I’m assuming after a certain number of sessions we receive a complimentary yoga penguin to take home with us? If so, count me in! 😉

  • I’m not sure how peaceful will it be to do yoga with a bunch of penguins running around. It will make the whole thing harder, which I guess will help you get better in the long run.

  • Really Interesting. Till now I engage myself with Yoga. After knowing yoga penguins I interest to do. Soon I will go this Zoo.

  • Yes I saw this too! I love yoga and I love penguins but I don’t know how I feel about combining the two. Perhaps it’s like never wanting to introduce two very good friends in case they don’t get on. Or maybe they’d get on too well and then what!? I live in Bristol (UK) and the zoo here shows no signs of following suit so perhaps I’ll never know…

  • WOW! i love penguins and yoga i want to try doing yoga w/ penguins soon.

  • Doing yoga with animals is not a point of distraction but make you feel connected to the natures soul in summers you can do it with goats but what about winters so this great initiative of doing yoga with penguins is a fabulous idea.

  • How awesome! I love penguins

  • yoga is very interesting for me, but i am in indonesia, india is the best place for yoga and IT. Yoga and IT are both what i love. in jakarta, i stay and i work for jasa desain web

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