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Denver Airport Surprises Travelers With Goat Yoga

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Ah yes, we’ve said it before—Goat Yoga is taking over the world. Following the lead of several cities before them, Denver recently launched their own special brand of airport yoga. Since November, passengers are able to pre-book a private room for a virtual mini-session of yoga or meditation before they hit the friendly skies, through a company called Yoga on the Fly.

It looks like they set up a group room, too, optimistically called the Zen Room. And because they have a wild sense of humor (and because they’re Denver!) they somehow managed to truck in some farm animals to add to the experience. Yes, Goat Yoga has made it all the way to Denver International Airport.

Why? Well, we’ll let them answer:

Because we believe there’s so much more to the airport experience than you expect. It should be relaxing, fun and unexpected. That’s the art of airporting.

Eh, hmm…they kind of snuck unexpected in there like it’s a good thing when you’re traveling through an airport. But this is a yoga stunt, so we suspect we’re expected to be OK with things not going as planned. Is that an art?

But, hayyy, who could be mad at surprise GOAT YOGA!

So, flight crew and passengers, you can thank Denver International Airport for making your plane smell like a flying petting zoo!

Really, though, why stop there? We say, we need some motherf*@king GOAT YOGA on the motherf*@king plane! (Samuel L. Jackson voice.)

Side Debbie Downer note: It’s adorable and silly, but we’re not sure how thrilled the goats could have been to be dragged to an airport for human amusement. Besides, we bet we know what yoga trend people really want while traveling: Beer Yoga.

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  • yoga is too good…everyone should follow it…

  • Jacob A. Riiis

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  • Jenn

    Haha .. cute. This reminded me of an yoga article I read on a women’s activewear site www. temaathletics.com

  • Spread Your Wings, Not Your Legs

    Goat Yoga has been banned in Washington, DC. Sometimes the nation’s capital IS the only sane place left in the country. These pajama-clad dirt-bags have no shame — trying to practice in the sacred congressional cemetery. Why not just piss on the gravestones?

    Washington, DC has also put an end to yoga’s attempt to escape paying sales taxes on studio classes – under some concept of spiritual “exemption.” Sounds like fundamentalist Christianity to me.

    Maybe it takes a majority Black city to stand up to the insanity of over-privileged white girls.

  • There are also free yoga studo spaces at San Francisco International Airport, Chicago’s O’Hare and Midway Airports, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, Miami International Airport and several others.

  • Rob

    Haha – funny article about the goat!

  • Wow! This is the first time I am hearing about goat yoga and it seems awesome, YD! Such a silly and unforgettable experience!

  • sumon paul
  • Yoga is good for all lives, It must be follow to every one.

  • Great article i like it.. yoga is good for health. always.. keep doing yoga.. stay happy.

  • How awesome! I’d love that


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