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Why Not To Practice Yoga Over A River

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Oh, nature. Perfect for deep contemplation, observing awe-inspiring wonders and, oh yes, attempting risky yoga photos that are ill-advised but end up as internet magic. Let this be a lesson to us all! (Kidding, we won’t learn, will we?)

When Twitter user Chisamariee tried her bow pose as a human bridge across this rocky river, well, a few boards were loose (so to speak) and things did not go as planned.

Before you watch this—which, let’s be honest, is a train wreck you know is about to happen but you’re going to watch anyway—we will tell you that yes, she is OK!

The video which was posted back in May recently appeared on Reddit, the Internet’s eternal cup from which viral videos flow. In case you were worried (because, yikes, that looked bad, didn’t it), the gal posted that she was fine besides her pinky fake nail being ripped off, and despite hitting her head.

“If the yoga picture wasn’t worth it or if I don’t make it on America’s Funniest Home Videos it was not worth it at all,” she tweeted with the video. What a sport.

And if you thought the river won, think again. Her “redemption” picture is on a much safer slippery boulder.

Heavens. We’re just glad you’re OK, sister.

h/t WREG


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  • Yoga and Nature make a perfect combination. such a nice information

  • Genius

  • Oh gosh! In nature is one thing, but over a river?! I wouldn’t have dared!

  • I really appreciate your hard work and efforts for making the world reach down to such an informative platform,
    Good luck
    Thanks and Regards,
    Gurleen Kaur

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