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Toddler Turns Mom’s Yoga Practice Into Comedy Act

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Let’s be honest, catching hilarious moments like this is half the reason we set up a camera during yoga practice, right? We’re pretty great at producing the yoga comedy ourselves but add a toddler and it’s magic time!

In the case of little Jude here, the joke is on his mom who thought she was getting some good shots of her headstand practice. And she probably was…UNTIL…

“He was pretty pleased with himself,” says Carly Gray mom of 2-year-old-turned-Internet-star Jude.  “I couldn’t see him but I heard him crawling around making a commotion. I figured he was playing with his toys or trying to do some yoga with me, but I didn’t expect him to be doing that,” Gray told ABC News.

He can walk, says Gray, but he decided to get back down on hands and knees to ham it up for the camera. Plus, he

Gray said her son is into yoga and “loves watching me do it.”

“He always tries to do headstands with me,” she said. “If I tell him to do yoga moves, he’ll instantly go down into downward dog. He’s definitely a little yogi-in-training.”

And a comedian, apparently.


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