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Denver Opens Private Airport Yoga

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Artist’s rendering of a mini studio.

If you’re traveling by plane this holiday season, you can rejoice in knowing there may be plenty of opportunities to yoga away your stress before you hit the friendly skies. More and more airports in major cities are opening up special yoga spaces and yoga rooms like San Francisco, Chicago and Dallas Fort-Worth, and some not so major cities like Burlington, VT.

Next up to revolutionize your aero excursions is Denver International Airport—we know, what took so long, right? As of November 6, travelers can duck into private “mini” yoga studios and practice short virtual classes via iPad with wireless headphones and a Yoga by Numbers mat. The company is called Yoga on the Fly, and they’re starting with Denver, but their goals are lofty with sights set on expanding to other locations. (According to the website, it’s officially “a certified Airport Concession Disadvantaged Business Enterprise by The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey,” which sounds serious.)

At Denver International Airport, there are five of these mini studios you can reserve for classes that cover meditation, asana and pranayama and range from 8 to 20 minutes—so yeah, it’s not going to be your favorite shakti shaking flow you’re used to taking at Barb’s Badass Yoga Salon, but it might be your saving grace before a long journey stuck in supported chair pose.

Yoga on the Fly was founded by two yoga teachers, Elizabeth Feinstone, COO and Avery Westlund, CEO, who met in Nicaragua while teaching yoga at a retreat. They connected on the very un-yoga-ness of traveling.

“Yoga is a reminder to breathe, and a pathway to feeling better and more comfortable in our bodies and minds even during chaotic times,” co-founder Avery Westlund told Yoga Journal. “Airport yoga rooms are an amazing first step; we are seeking to elevate that experience even further, and for a broader audience, by incorporating privacy, careful instruction, and brief, targeted classes, so that it’s less intimidating than going it alone in a communal yoga room,” Westlund says.

The catch? Yes, unfortunately, there’s a catch. Unlike many of the public yoga rooms available at other airports, these mini studios come at a mini premium. Sessions range in price from $15 to $60, depending on how much studio time you want. Worth it? Maybe. We’re assuming your de-stressing depends on how booked up the rooms are, too, so there’s a chance they may not be available when you’re seeking your pre-flight yoga bliss (you’re also able to book in advance).

Because they’re no dummies, in tandem with the studios is a retail area for wellness-related impulse buys from brands like MPG Sport, Blooming Lotus Jewelry, and Manduka (we hope they have their 20lb pro mat on sale there).

Cost aside, this is an interesting advancement in travel comfort. And if you have a friend or family member traveling, we like that you can pre-book some private yoga time for them if you want. Then again, we can’t always plan for the traffic delays and security lines, so maybe it’s best to take your chances once you’re there.

Yoga on the Fly at DEN is open Sundays-Fridays from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. and Saturdays from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

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  • Sounds good! Anything to ease the wait time and move the body a bit in a meaningful way before a flight

  • That is a good way to promote yoga. as people will be seted in a single position throughout the flight.

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