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Curb Your Namaste: Larry David Causes Trouble In Yoga Class

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Oh, Larry. Lar Lar. Larrycakes. Lar-man. In case you were wondering what happens when you bring Larry David to yoga class, wonder no more. This clip from the latest episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9 will solve that burning query. In the episode, entitled “Namaste,” Larry and his pal Leon end up in yoga class together (turns out Leon is sleeping with the teacher but that’s a side story—which also explains why he’s being so creepy towards her).

Larry surprisingly participates in much of the asana, and with not-bad form (despite the socks), but what he refuses to do is say “namaste” with everyone else, as is often customary at the end of yoga class. When questioned by yoga teacher “Yogi Tina,” Lar dog responds with his special brand of word vomit skepticism, proceeds to poke himself in the third eye and explains, “There is no light within me.”

It’s quite a defense.

Yeah, we’ll just let you watch for yourself.

(The jump right into shoulderstand is annoying to us, too. And who would tell someone not to come back to class just because they won’t say “namaste”?)

Nope, this episode is not all about yoga (thankfully!), and there are lots more Larry and Leon shenanigans, like when the latter jacks up the temps at the house to appeal to the hot yoga teacher he’s sleeping with and other awkward, R-rated-ness. We’ll leave it to you to watch the full episode or read the recap.

Maybe he’s not a yogi, but we have a feeling LD might be into this kind of no bs meditation.


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7 comments… add one
  • Makes me wonder if I sound like that when I teach. I may need to work on that!

  • if I sound like that when I teach. I may need to work on that!

  • Dave

    We don’t say it because it means ‘hello’. Like the language of the teacher in the video why the f— would you say hello at the end of class.

  • hello at the end of class.? who does this, this shit..

  • Thanks for sharing

  • I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with socks if that’s what people feel more comfortable with – especially in winter, and those grippy ones seem great

  • Thanks for sharing

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