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Hillary Clinton Practiced Pranayama To Recover From Election

in YD News

How to recover from a virtually never ending presidential campaign? Try alternate nostril breathing. Yes, maybe we’ve been inundated with politics to the max lately, but we have to wonder how politicians, you know, the ones who live it every day, how to do they cope? Besides daily Twitter rant storms, of course.

You may not be surprised to learn that plenty of Chardonnay asana factored into Hillary Clinton’s recovery from the chaos that was Indecision 2016 and the writing of her new book, but the interesting tidbit is that she also dug into a tall glass of pranayama (nadi shodhana aka alternate nostril breathing, to be specific) as she told CNN’s Anderson Cooper in a recent interview.

Those keeping score at home would know that HRC had already spoken about practicing yoga (hashtag butheremails), but this is particularly interesting because it’s more about picking herself up after a blow to the gut (and probably the worst news of her life), rather than just trying to keep up, as in during the campaign.

In case you missed it, here’s Secretary Clinton being candid (and also somehow coy) about her grounding pranayama practice. How many other politicians can you think of who might benefit from, we don’t know, taking a deep breath here and there?


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  • Stress gets to everyone including potential presidents. In this article it shows how various Yoga techniques helped Hillary Clinton cope with her presidential campaign. People should take heed of this article and deal with their various stress levels. You won’t be sorry. Great read. Thanks.

  • KG

    Very cool, Hillary speaks out on benefits of pranayama for her recovery after elections. Thanks!

  • Spread Your Wings, Not Your Legs

    Hilly is a great example of how people use yoga and yogic discourse to completely blind themselves to the true source of their distress — lack of character, lack of authenticity, codependency, intellectual dishonesty, and narcissism.

    Hillary needs a psychic enema that has yet to be invented.


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  • I think it’s great that a well-known person is speaking out about such topics that might otherwise seem weird or hippy-y etc

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