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Honest Prenatal Yoga

in YD News

Have you been pregnant? Have you practiced yoga while pregnant? Have you practiced yoga while hungry and pregnant? Sorry, that was redundant. If you’ve ever taken a prenatal yoga class you’ll probably be able to relate this video from actress and recently pregnant momma, Rena Strober.

Prenatal yoga may conjure up images like this:

Prenatal bliss | image via FitPregnancy.com

Or this:

Partner prenatal? | image via mom.me

Yeah, Instagram!

But, often times, in reality, well…it’s more like this:

Thanks to Rena for bringing her own hilarious and real experience to what many might find to be a much more candid prenatal yoga practice. To be honest, we’re still practicing all that extra “reaching” in our 6th trimester.

For those currently pregnant, or for those who have ever been pregnant, enjoy!

About Rena and her prenatal yoga inspiration:

Rena, a native New Yorker, found herself in a Los Angeles prenatal yoga class as a last resort to her back pain at 7 months pregnant. While she found joy in the communal gas passing & trying not to tip over during pregnant warrior, she always left class craving something a little more ‘tasty.’ She decided to create her own at home 5 minute prenatal yoga class with the help of a box of Dunkin’ Donuts, Pringles & pizza.

Thanks for the laughs (and the cravings), momma.


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