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This Is Family Yoga When You Have A Toddler

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Families who yoga together, areweright? Ah, the family unit. And trying to practice yoga with a toddler hanging around your neck. Or your leg. Or your back. This adorable family yoga video from DC-based photographer Eric Ellis sums up in less than a minute what it’s like to (try to) squeeze in some yoga with a tiny human toddling about. It’s endearing, it’s distracting and yes, it can be annoying as all hell, but it’s also pretty sweet. A metaphor for life, no?

Also, Ellis’s ridiculously cute son Faruq (who has his very own Instagram account) is hilarious to watch. We love how he sorts out his own yoga practice while mom and dad try to get their yoga on.

Let’s start out with a little Three-Legged Dog…


And now we’ll open up for a twist…


Moving on to some Dolphin prep to open the shoulders…


Time for Side Plank…


OK, now do your own practice…


And we’ll meet together in Down Dog.



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